How do You Clean the Spin Mop Head

Spin mop heads are widely used to clean floors. The automatic spinning motion of such a mop head makes it easy to sweep large sized floors. Spin mop thoroughly cleanses the floor by removing tenacious dirt. However, bacteria and dirt are infused into the mop head after every cleaning session. Thus, it is necessary to clean the spin mop head to avoid the spread of germs in the house.

Most of the spin mop heads are machine washable, but there are some brands of spin mop heads which are not machine washable. Both types of cleaning methods have been discussed here.

spin mop

Machine cleaning

Spin mop heads might pick up a lot of grime and oil which must be removed before putting it in the washing machine. Thus, the spin mop head must be pre-soaked to prepare it for machine cleaning. For this, mix half a cup of white vinegar in a bucket containing a gallon of water. Now put the mop head into this mixture to soak it thoroughly. Do not detach the handle from the mop head at this stage. To remove stubborn dirt particles, move the spin mop head in the mixture. Finally, rinse the spin mop head under hot running water.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for machine cleaning.

  • The spin mop head is detachable from the handle. Spin mop head usually clips inside a recessed disc at the end of the handle which is detached by pulling it out of the handle. Spin mop heads requiring the twisting motion to detach from handles are also available in the market. Check the instructions manual to detach the spin mop head correctly without damaging it.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions about the type of wash cycle which should be used for that particular spin mop head. If there are no such instructions, then select a gentle cycle at mild or high heat. It is better to check the material of the spin mop head before selecting the temperature. This is because different materials are tolerant of different temperature settings.
  • Any conventional laundry detergent can be added to the washing machine for cleaning spin mop heads. But fabric softener should not be added. Bleach can also be added along with the detergent if the mop head is extremely dirty.
  • The germs on the mop head can contaminate other clothes in the washing machine. Thus, clothes should not be washed in the washing machine along with a spin mop head.
  • Check the mop head after the wash cycle is complete to ensure that it is entirely devoid of dirt. If the mop head is not entirely clean, start another wash cycle.
  • Dry the mop head thoroughly after cleaning to avoid mould growth. It can be dried under the sun.

Manual cleaning

Manual cleaning is the only option for spin mop heads which are not machine washable. Mix bleach and warm water in a 50:50 ratio in a bucket. Put the mop head in the mixture and allow it to soak for 30 minutes. Thereafter, rinse it under running water to remove the bleach.