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Hey guys! Welcome back to yet another article of culinary talks. If you are a foodie, a day without having yummy fried food goes all in vain. Yes, we understand your craving for crunchy spicy fried food. Therefore, we are going to talk about something specific about the air fryers today. We hope that you already read the article on the advantages and limitations of air fryers. So, after reading all about it, if you have finally decided to purchase an air fryer, we suggest that you must know about its electricity consumption.

The electricity consumption of any new device is the first thing that many people look before purchasing. We have seen various queries regarding the power consumption of the air fryers. Kitchen appliances are more susceptible to use more electricity, even more, if you have a large family. Some of the other person needs giving satisfaction to their hunger waves. Here are some essential points about the electricity use of an air fryer:

Air Fryers

Mostly, the power consumption of this device depends on three primary things:

1. The type of food that you cook:

The kind of food that you prepare in the air fryer has a lot to do with its power consumption. Now, we subdivide this under two things- firstly, the amount of the meal, and secondly, the duration required for cooking. If you increase the amount of food, the consumption also increases. However, we recommend you to use an air fryer rack/ splitter for the ease of use. It will not only save your electricity cost but also give a better texture and taste to the food.

2. Which setting are you using?

There are different settings on an air fryer. The modes vary according to the brand which you choose. The new models are equipped with exclusive modes for almost every kind of food that you prepare. Every setting has its amount of power consumption. The indicator lights present on the digital buttons consume more electricity than you think. Some people also complain of the dehydrate mode of doing the same. Therefore, be careful while selecting an air fryer.

3. Size of your air fryer:

The size of this electrical appliance is the most potent factor that affects your electricity bill. Air fryers are available in different sizes and variations on the number of watts they use. Though, you might consider the size only according to the number of servings. However, make sure to keep the electricity consumption fact in mind. The larger is the size, the higher is the power required. The power consumption increases roughly to half of the increase in capacity. Therefore, make sure to be selective while choosing the size.

4. Is there anything else that you should know?

That is not all! There are yet many other factors that can increase or reduce the electric fair due to your air fryer. The cost, brand, and your energy provider plays a vital role in influencing it.


We hope that you are all set to determine which air fryer would be ideal for you. If not, we recommend you going through several more articles on air fryer on our site. Thanks for reading!

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