Air Fryer Using Do and Don’ts – Precautions and Mistakes to Avoid

If you love the crispy tasty food and want to consume it more often, having an air fryer at your home is possibly the best option. Cutting down calories and consuming fried food cannot go hand in hand. But, an air fryer makes it possible. The circulating hot air inside the air fryer results to give your food a perfect taste. However, many people are confused about buying this kitchen appliance. The reasons could be many. Make sure to go through our previous columns about the air fryer, if you want to make up your mind.

On the other hand, some people have already decided to purchase it. There are a few things about the best air fryer that you must know. Using it in a wrong way can decrease its lifespan and would not bring the taste you desire. Therefore, we are here with the do and don’ts of the air fryer. This article will help you to give a perfect texture to your air fried food:

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Make sure you use inserts

Using inserts in an air fryer can accommodate much more food inside it. If you usually stock up the food inside the air fryer and do not get the desired results, it might be due to a lack of circulation of air around the food. However, using the air fryer racks and baskets ensures that every food particle gets equal air circulation. You cannot find a better crisp than this!

Keep glancing at the food when it’s cooking:

You can use an air fryer as a substitute for different cooking appliances, such as microwave, oven, and toaster. However, these conventional appliances come with a cookbook manual that provides the appropriate time and setting for every type of food. However, this aspect is quite confusing when you are using an air fryer. To make your guess game right, you need to supervise your food regularly. You cannot relate the cooking time of a microwave to that of an air fryer. Therefore, to prevent your food from getting overcook or burnt, keeping an eye on it is suitable.

Use it for roasting and baking:

Air fryer is not only a healthy substitute for deep-fried food. But, one can also use it for baking and roasting purposes. If you love roasting veggies, there couldn’t be a healthier option than using an air fryer for the same. You can also use it for baking.

Don’t overfill it:

Overfilling the air fryer will not give you an authentic taste of air fried food. Instead, the lack of proper air circulation will leave the food uncooked. Therefore, never fill your air fryer more than its capacity.

Don’t block the airflow:

Do not line the bottom of the air fryer with parchment paper. It can lead to the blockage of proper airflow. It will directly affect the taste and texture of the food you are cooking. Therefore, use the non-stick basket for placing the food directly on its top.

Don’t use excessive oil:

Do not overuse the cooking oil in the air fryer. Usually, it requires half or one tablespoon oil for cooking various items. Overdoing the oil won’t give you appropriate results. Using the aerosol spray cans for spraying cooking oil will help you to eliminate excess oil.


We hope that you are all set to use your air fryer the right way. Thanks for connecting with us. Have a delicious day!

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