How to Clean the Outside of a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the indispensable home appliances that are present in most of the homes today. A refrigerator is subjected to wear and tear daily. This is because we keep loading it with things and take things out of it for daily use, such as stored milk, vegetables, curd, meat, and others. It is common for the exteriors of the refrigerator to get dirty in the process. There is a chance for dust to settle on them as well. The materials used for making the exteriors have evolved over time. You have stainless steel fridges that have to be cleaned with care for these exteriors are so sensitive that even streaks from the cleaning cloth are quite obvious to an onlooker if the cleaning is not done properly.

Tips for cleaning the exterior

The tips to follow in cleaning up the exterior to make it look sparkling clean include

Cleaning products

The cleaning product you use for cleaning the exteriors should be chosen carefully. It is good to use a cleaning liquid that is meant for general-purpose but does not have harsh chemicals as it could damage the finish of the refrigerator exterior. However, one important aspect is that the cleaning liquid has to be sprayed on to the exterior using the spray bottle.

Cleaning cloth

The cloth that is used to clean the exterior is also another important consideration. Microfiber cloths are an excellent choice. But, if you do not have one handy, you can even use an old t-shirt or a soft sponge. However, using a sponge alone for cleaning cannot be an ideal option because removing the tough dust and the grime can be difficult to do with the sponge. Use a sponge along with a cloth or a t-shirt along with a sponge that is suitable for cleaning stainless steel cookware. That is, it should not be abrasive.


Whether your new refrigerator has enamel or stainless steel, exterior, it is important to follow certain precautions. But, the most important thing is to go through the instruction manual to learn about the cleaning products that you have to use or should not use for cleaning the refrigerators. However, some common things that are universal include

  • Not using abrasive cleaners
  • Cleaning agents with alcoholic base is a no-no for stainless steel exteriors but good for enamel exteriors
  • Cleaners with ammonia
  • Using abrasive scrubbers.

Steps in cleaning

The steps that are used in cleaning also would play a vital role in ensuring that the exteriors are clean. Steps involve dusting the refrigerator with a dry cloth, use dishwashing with liquid diluted with water to clean up stubborn spots. Clean the exterior with a microfiber cloth that is dipped in a soap solution. Then wipe it dry with a dry cloth that is soft to ensure that the cleaning streaks are cleared as well.

However, if there are scratches on the exteriors that are worrying you, you can buff it out for getting rid of the abrasion.

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