How To Register Mobile Number With UAN?

The universal account number is it 12-digit number that employees allot provides fund organization to employees. It is an identity that plays an imperative role for employees. The fundamental objective of this number is to allow people to check their PF accounts. The PF stands for a private fund. Therefore, keeping yourself updated with this information is essential. The allotted UAN number allows people to check whenever it is required irrespective of visiting any organization. Earlier, the process was quite challenging, and people had to estimate the PF correctly. Nowadays, it has become straightforward for them to approach and check what is happening in their account due to computing devices.

What is the use of mobile numbers in UAN?

By registering your mobile number while getting UAN, it helps people receive notifications on time, whatever information is required to know about the account, and you instantly get updated with the help of your mobile number. Although, some documents are required for its registration: a PAN card, proof of address, bank account details, driving license, passport, water ID, and many more.

It is a number which is provided to employees. The primary purpose is to help them for checking their fund. Rather than visiting the platform and having a keen eye on their account, it is beneficial to approach what is happening in their account. Through mobile numbers, it becomes elementary for them to manage. You can connect your device with an internet connection and approach your account instantly to gather information. Through mobile numbers, they can quickly scan your identity and provide you with the fastest response.

Register Mobile Number With UAN

Steps for registering mobile number –

  • The very first thing you have is to visit the EPF member portal or you can click on visit and activate your UAN. This step is essential for registering a mobile number.
  • On the next page, you will find several options. There and then, you will find an option to activate UAN; click on that.
  • The phone will appear in front of your screen, which will consist of your details. So it’s crucial to provide accurate detail just as your Aadhaar card. For instance, enter your UAN, name, date of birth, mobile number, and email address.
  • The mobile number which you register plays an important role, so try to keep it appropriate. Through this, you will receive a pin after clicking on the option get authorization pin.
  • Instantly, you will be provided an OTP. Then, of course, OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which you enter on the previous page at the time of providing your details.
  • Furthermore, enter the OTP. It will help you to activate your UAN. The mobile number through which you provide detail will automatically get registered with your EPF.

Steps for changing mobile number –

  • The very first and essential thing is to visit the EPF member portal. There you have to log in to your account by providing your password and number.
  • Visit the manage section, click on contact details which you readily find in the box.
  • Moving further, click on the check mobile number option, which is available in the box itself. The section will also consist of several options but try to be specific. Finally, a new section will open that will demand the mobile number which you want to register.
  • There you have to enter your new mobile number twice. After that, you can click on the get authorization pin.
  • On the new mobile number, you will receive an OTP, which will help you move further.

In the given space, enter your OTP and then click on submit button. Alright, Your new number gets updated in EPF readily within few minutes.