How To Register Trademark In India

Indeed, giving a special and unique name to your brand is essential to make it recognized relatively. What is more hurtful than cheating? Looking for other people to use your trademark for getting quite popular is disgraceful. For avoiding such a situation, it is imperative to make your trademark registered. Multiple steps allow you to make your trademark registered readily. A trademark is assigned through which one company sale its products to other enterprises. In comparison, trademarks need to be protected for their rights. Since investing your money and time in introducing a specific brand is challenging, making your trademark register is worth doing!

Let’s have a brief description of how to register a trademark in India –

Trademark search

Appropriate search plays a significant role in coming up with a unique brand name. However, it often happens with people while making their brand they never pay heed towards the existing ones. Therefore, it might cause problems afterward. After investing a considerable amount of money and effort, you come to know a similar brand name that requires some replacements. To avoid such a situation, you can do complete research by keeping in your mind which brand name will appear outstanding.

Filing application

The next step is to register your trademark in India by using trademark registry India. Once you select your logo and brand name and know that it has not been registered in trademark registry India, you can go for the further steps to register yourself. That includes an application which you need to fill. Nowadays, most of the work is done online. Moreover, once you get filled in, a receipt will be provided to you immediately.


The next step is examination. Once you register the application, the examiner will examine the process appropriately. The completion of the process takes 12-18 months. There will be three chances: trademark excepted, conditionally, or object. However, if in one go it got accepted, then it is published in trademark general. At the same time, if it is not accepted, then the examiner will put some conditions, which need to be fulfilled in one month.


Furthermore, the process reaches publication. The fundamental objective of the publication is to check if someone is opposing the concept or not. The process takes 3 to 4 months. If there is no opposition, then finally, the process goes for registration. And if in case there is opposition, then a fair hearing and decision are taken.

Registration certificate

The second last process of providing the owner with a registration certificate under the seal. The result will come if the application proceed with the trademark registration. After that, if publication took place in trademark general, then only the further steps taken and owner is given with registration certificate issued by the trademark office.


For the owner’s convenience, renewal can also be taken after every ten years. If they want to make any changes in their brand name or logo, they can go further after ten years.

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