Why IDFC First Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here Is The Possible Fix!

What is UPI? This is the single platform that merges with some outstanding banking services and gives people real-time bank to bank payments. The national payments Corp of India initiated this service to give people a breezeway to make cashless transactions.

In fact, this service allows distinct banks to interconnect and transfer money. UPI stands for unified payments interface and works incredibly impressive.

IDFC First Bank UPI Not Working

IDFC First Bank UPI Is Not Working

The IDFC bank UPI gives people a favourable chance to make the transaction. However, if you face trouble making the transaction, there are some adequate solutions to fix your problem. Let’s discuss a few of them.

1. Study Bank Account Information

The UPI transaction is the easiest way of doing a transaction. However, if the transaction failed due to any reason, your priority needs to check out the bank account information.

Sometimes while filling in the details, you may add some extra digits, or there are probably chances you miss out on some number. To make sure, try to examine the bank account information perfectly for getting down outstanding and desirable results.

2. Specific Amount to Cover Transaction

Whatever amount you want to transact through UPI ID, is it possible for you? Of course, not! If you want to make a transaction, an individual has a specific limit.

Taking care of the amount you want to transact, another essential thing is to check out whether your bank account has that specific money to make a transaction capable. This is because the insufficient amount will not let you go for a smooth transaction, and it will be incompetent.

3. Contemplate Transaction Limit

On a daily basis, you can only go for limited transactions through UPI. If you exceed the limit, the bank will not allow further transactions. So if your transaction through UPI is failing, then it might be one of the reasons.

To make sure you can check out the history that ensures the total amount you have transacted by taking the help of UPI ID. If you have exceeded the limit, then most probably you have to wait for the next day. If not, then there is no such problem of transaction limit.

4. Try Other Application

There are multiple options for making online transactions. Nowadays, people are more into these satisfactory applications such as Google pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

If you are trying a specific application for making use of UPI and the transaction is failing, go for the other application. There are plenty of options that you can install on your device and make your UPI transaction successful.

5. Take Hold of Customer Support

After attempting all the solutions mentioned above, if you are unsuccessful, then do not worry. Customer support is always available to give clients an acceptable solution that makes things a breeze for clients.

The IDFC bank has its official site; search for the option and goes ahead to ask your problem. Then, dial the number 18004198332 to get the response from their side.

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