Indane Gas Login: Check Booking Status, Customer Care Toll Free Number

Indane gas is one of the most popular and widely used gas company that is known for its efficiency and customer dealing. With lots of distributers and clients across the nation, Indane is widely being used as the primary fuel supplier for many Indian families. Now as the almost every other field is becoming online and has started their services to the customers through the internet, Indane Gas has also provided a website to its users through which they can easily book their gas cylinders, know their status of their complains and do other common things that were once possible only by visiting the distributer’s office.

In this article, we are going to talk about the various services provided by the Indane Gas’ Online portal, how to use them and will talk about the toll-free number through which you can book complains to the officials.

So, if you are an Indane user and are looking to get some useful information about booking the gas and applying for anew connection, go through the article and keep the information handy. Your gateway for all Indane services

Indane Gas is the portal that you will use in order to use the online version of the services provides by Indane. So, if you are an Indane customer and are looking forward to deal booking the gas and complaints online, then here is the step-by-step procedure that you will need to follow in order to lodge a complaint or book a cylinder with Indane.

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Next you will be asked to enter the username. If you are a previous user, user the username assigned to you, and if you are visiting the website for the first time, Click on “New customer registration” and move to Step 3.

Step 3: In this page, you will need to enter your details as per your Indane gas connection. Select you State, District, Distributer from the drop down menu, and fill in your consumer number (in case you don’t have it, use the LPG ID in the next space).

Step 4: Choose a username that would be used for the next login.

Step 5: Enter a valid email id which will be used for online acknowledgement of the booking.

Step 6: Enter the landline and mobile number. Make sure that you use the same number that you have registered with the distributor.

Step 7: Enter the Capcha code and Accept the term and conditions.

Step 8: Click on submit.

Step 9: You will then be redirected to the login page where you can enter your details to log in to your account.

Toll-free number to deal with emergencies

You can also use their toll-free number “1800-2333-555” to do the same but still, the online booking for the Indane gas cylinder is a relatively easier process as you won’t have to go through their automatic menu as in their phone booking.

Checking the status of gas cylinder booking

In order to check your booking status on the website, here are the steps you will need to follow. Go through the steps to check for the booking status and all the other information regarding the booking history.

Step 1: log in to your account by entering the user name and password

Step 2: Navigate to booking history/status

Step 3: Here you will be able to see the status of your last few bookings, delivery date, status along with other information.

Why online booking is better than phone or manual booking?

Manual booking or booking the cylinders through calling the distributor is always been a painful process, and the distributors often take days to process the request. Unlike this, the online complains and cylinder booking is an extremely easy process and is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a quick and reliable alternative to booking the gas manually.

And in addition to this, you will get an email confirmation from the company that your complaint or booking has been registered. So, you won’t need to worry about anything while you are choosing the online booking for the cylinder.

Another benefit of using the online booking is you can book the gas or the complaint anytime. NO need to worry about getting the distributor’s office in time. You can easily book it while working in your office or being at home. Your distributor will process the request whenever he gets into the office and will deliver the gas cylinder in a day or two depending on your service area.

Apart from these two, there are numerous other benefits that you can avail by choosing the online portal to book a cylinder. One such benefit is discount on your discount if you pay for the cylinder in advance. If your distributor accepts the online payment, you can get a good discount on your next booking which won’t be possible if you are using the traditional ways of booking the cylinder.

So, if you are an Indane user and are looking forward to save sometime that is currently being wasted in standing in the queue to book the cylinders and complains. Apart from booking the cylinder, and checking the status of your connection, you can use the portal for many other additional purposes like adding a new cylinder to your connection giving up the subsidy, changing the bank account, linking your aadhar, etc.

In all, opting for an Indane gas login is a perfect choice for the users who are using Indane gas. Try your hands on it, and use the facility of the internet for your good.In today’s modern world of internet and smartphones, it is a good choice to check the online portal of Indane and use their services with ease. Try your hands on the portal once, and believe us, you are going to love the experience.

So, move a little more to be digital and live an easy and stress-free life. You can also try the website on your smartphones as it is made by keeping the different screen sizes in mind and is an extremely reliable way to use the services from Indane.