How To Apply For Duplicate Voter Id Card In Delhi

 The Government of India considered having a separate identity card for the voter’s population in India in the year 1993. On the basis of this decision, voter ID cards were issued to all the people who were eligible to cast a vote in 1993.  Since then it is one of the important ID documents that is being issued by the government to the citizens.

This is of paramount importance when you are about to cast a vote in the election. This is a card that would be issued once you reach the eligible age to become a voter or for those already in the eligible voter’s list. The same card has to be used throughout your lifetime and has to be produced at the election booth when you are about to choose the representative to govern you in the state and central level. If you have lost the card or if it is damaged, you should apply for and get a duplicate voter ID card.

 When can you apply for a duplicate EPIC card or voter’s ID?

 You may apply for a duplicate Voter ID card or Electoral photo identity cards ( EPIC cards) in Delhi in cases which include

  • The mutilated or torn card that cannot be used
  • Lost or misplaced card
  • Theft of voter’s ID card

Procedure to get a duplicate voter’s ID card in Delhi

Duplicate Voter Id Card

 The steps involved in applying for the duplicate voter ID card in case of above-mentioned reasons are as follows

  • Collect a copy of Form EPIC-002 from the electoral office that is near your place of residence in Delhi. This is the voter ID or duplicate EPIC card application form.
  • Fill the form. It would include details such as name, age, address, etc as well as the number of your voter Id card which you would have to fill up carefully.
  • Attach the supporting documents like
  1. FIR (First Information Report) if you are applying for voter Id card since you have lost or misplaced the card)
  2. Form EPIC-002 that is filled and signed
  3. Address proof
  4. Identity proof
  5. Passport sized photographs

However, you may skip the FIR if you are applying for a duplicate card since it is damaged.

  • Submit the form in the electoral office. You would be given a reference number.
  • You may track the status of the application on the official website of the Delhi election office by using the number.
  • The form would be verified and processed by the election officer in the electoral office in Delhi.
  • Once the verification is over and all the documents are found to be in order you would be notified
  • You may then collect it the duplicate voter ID card or EPIC card by visiting the electoral office.

 This is a simple way to get a duplicate voter ID card.

The election commission of India has however made the process, even more, simpler by reducing the number of trips you ought to make to the electoral office. They have introduced the online process to apply for duplicate voter ID or EPIC cards. The steps involved are as follows

 The online process for applying for duplicate voter ID card

  • Download the Form Epic-002 from the website of the Chief Electoral Officer. As you know, this is the application for the duplicate voter EPIC card.
  • Fill in the details correctly in the spaces provided. Ensure you fill in the right voter ID card number as found in your old Voter ID card.
  • Attach all documents as mentioned earlier. Produce a copy of the FIR if you are applying for duplicate voter’s ID in case your old ID card is lost or misplaced.
  • You can then submit it in the local electoral office. You would be receiving a reference number when you submit the same.
  • This reference number can be used to track the stage or status of your application on the Delhi state elections office’s official website.
  • After processing and verification, and when the documents that have been produced are found to be in order, you would receive a notification. After receiving the notification you can collect the duplicate voter ID card from the electoral office in Delhi.
  • Alternatively, you may get the duplicate EPIC or voter ID card posted to your registered address as well.

Points to note

  • When you apply online, you need to visit the website of the Chief electoral officer’s of the particular state or union territory you are residing in and follow the instructions mentioned in the form carefully.
  • FIR is a must if you are applying for a duplicate voter ID or EPIC card since you have lost or misplaced the old card
  • It is important to fill the old ID card number correctly and clearly in the application form
  • It is possible for you to get a color voter ID card even if your old card is a black and white one. however, you would have to pay Rs.30 as a fee and submit a photograph that is in line with the specifications that are specified on the form.
  • There is no need to surrender the mutilated or torn Voter ID for applying for a new Voter ID card.
  • You have got to mention the reason for which you are applying for the card in the application form.

Apply for the duplicate card at the earliest in case you have lost it, it is stolen or torn. Do not postpone.

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