Kitchen Chimney Vs. Exhaust Fan: Which is Better For Kitchen?

Many homeowners are not sure if they should buy a kitchen chimney or if an exhaust is enough to get fresh air in the kitchen and get rid of the odour and smoke. The general notion is that the exhaust can help you in getting rid of the smoke efficiently. Well, is that true? In this article, we are going to compare the kitchen chimney with the exhaust so that you can decide which one is better for you. By the end of this article, you will have all the points of comparison between the two, and you will be able to make a decision based on conclusive evidence.

Kitchen Chimney Vs. Exhaust Fan Comparison

Kitchen Chimney Vs. Exhaust Fan

So, let us go ahead and check out these points of comparison, which will help you make the right choice for your kitchen.


The first point that we will discuss is the coverage you get with the kitchen chimney and the exhaust. When we talk about the coverage, it depends on the motor rating, but the exhaust fan can displace a higher amount of air when compared to the kitchen chimney. In contrast, the kitchen chimney covers the top portion of the stove and offers better coverage from the cooking perspective. It can remove the stuff in a better way since it is directly over the cooking top.

Tar & Grease

The next point on the list is the cleanliness factor. You would agree that the chimney is better at extracting grease and tar out of the air. It has an advanced filtration system that collects all of these things and helps you in filtering the air. The problem with the exhaust fan is that there is no filtering mechanism. The result of using the exhaust is that you will notice grease marks on the walls, and often, soot will stick to the fall. Over time, you would need to clean the walls and the exhaust multiple times to maintain hygiene. Whereas, when installing a kitchen chimney, the cleaning efforts are restricted to the chimney only.

Odour & Smoke

Usually, the exhausts are very efficient in removing odour and smoke. They can displace a large amount of the air. However, the exhausts still can’t compete with the chimney. The kitchen chimney exploits the advantage of covering the entire cooktop, and hence it can remove the smoke very as well as odour very efficiently. The kitchen chimneys with the duct can help you remove smoke and odour, but you might have some issues in removing the gases when it comes to ductless chimneys.

Reliability & Lifespan

If you are buying a heavy duty exhaust fan, you can be assured that the exhaust fan would last longer than a decade. It is reliable, and it can also help you get rid of humid air inside the kitchen. Talking about the kitchen chimney, the reliability is very comparable to the exhaust fan. In some cases, the kitchen chimney may outlast the exhaust fans. The reason for such high reliability is that the motor of the kitchen chimney is protected from oil and grease. In such a case, the kitchen chimney usually lasts longer.


The installation process of the two can vary depending on the construction. Assuming that you already have a duct for the exhaust fan, you may find it difficult to install and clean the exhaust fan. They are usually present close to the ceiling, and you would surely need a ladder to reach the exhaust. Talking about the chimneys, the duct chimneys are slightly tricky to install because the duct needs to be appropriately connected. Once the duct is connected, there is not much that needs to be done. If you have ductless chimneys, then they are the easiest to install.

Air Filtration

Exhaust fans offer no air filtration, which is why the tar builds up in the kitchen. The lack of filtration is not suitable for the interiors. The kitchen chimney comes with an advanced filtration system that can clean the grease and small particles from the air. The advantage of the filtration offered by the kitchen chimney is that it cleans the air, and you get to breathe clean air when you are in the kitchen. The kitchen chimney scores a lot over the exhaust fan when we compare the air filtration capabilities.


If you are using LPG or any fuel in the gas stove, then you can be sure that burning fuel will release gases like carbon dioxide in your kitchen. To get rid of those gases, the duct kitchen chimney works the best. The suction power simple sucks all those gases up in the exhaust system and helps you stay safe. If you do not have a kitchen chimney and make something that smokes, then there is a probability that your smoke alarm will also go off. So, to keep your family safe, a kitchen chimney is a must-have in the kitchen.

Price Point

The next thing to talk about here is the price point. The price of the kitchen chimney is certainly a little higher than the exhaust fan, but it is worth the price. The kitchen chimney will offer higher comfort and a lot cleaner environment when you are cleaning. In such a case, you should not be worried about spending extra to procure the chimney in the kitchen. Moreover, the cleaning cost will be a lot lower for the kitchen chimney, and hence, in the long run, the kitchen chimney will prove to be an economical option.

Electrical Efficiency

The electrical efficiency is entirely subjective. It depends on the power consumption of both these appliances. Today, chimneys are very power efficient, and they can keep your energy bills low. In comparison, a high power exhaust may consume more electricity than the kitchen chimney, and it may shoot your power bills. So, it is better to check the power consumption of both these appliances before making a decision.

Final Verdict

These were all the points associated with the kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan. You would have realized that the kitchen chimney is better for your kitchen, and it can save you a lot of cleaning effort. So, to conclude, we can say that the exhaust can’t replace the kitchen chimney and you make provision to install a kitchen chimney. You can opt for a ductless kitchen chimney with an auto clean function if you do not already have a duct in the kitchen. It will certainly prove to be a lot more efficient than the exhaust fan in the kitchen. Alternatively, if you have a duct in the kitchen, you can install an exhaust as well as a chimney. That would be the best possible setup for your home.

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