What is a 3 Way Suction Chimney? How does it Works? Its Benefits

It is necessary where you cook food; the place must be neat and clean. It is only possible when you think of installing a chimney in your kitchen. The kitchen chimney is an advanced innovation of this modern world. The major purpose of modern kitchen chimneys is to suck disturbing fumes and smoke and maintaining your kitchen cleanliness and hygiene. On the other hand, traditional chimneys are less effective in use. As we compared both, the modern chimneys are far better. The markets are full of varieties of options, finding the best one is a bit difficult. To save your time, we have come up with an excellent option which is a 3-way suction chimney. The 3-way suction chimney is being counted in modern models and that is an ideal option for all types of kitchens. But very few people know how it works and what its benefits are. If you have the curiosity to know more about 3-way suction chimneys then you should read this article from start to end.

What is a 3-way suction Chimney?

three way suction Chimney

The three way suction chimneys are specially invented to suck all the dust and odour which are left over after the first suction process. Its multiple inlets points make it more advanced and functional. However, these inlets are installed in a specific manner so that all the dust and fumes are sucked in them from all the different angles and directions.

One of the major benefits of inlets is that it catches all oil crumbs and tiny particles so that your kitchen walls and ceiling will be clean. Hence, the 3-way suction chimneys are appropriate not only for the kitchen but also for the entire house. It eliminates the strong smells of spices and oils.

The 3-Way Suction Chimney Benefits:

As compared to the regular chimney, the 3-way suction chimneys work effectively within a less duration. The regular chimneys work through motors and filters which can inhale oil and fume particles only. On the other hand, a 3-way suction chimney grabs all odour and dust and improves suction power as well.Here the complete benefits list of this chimney:

  1. The 3-way suction chimney has an innovative suction motor. So that, there is no chance of dust getting stabled on your ceiling and kitchen walls.
  2. Multiple suctions are installed in it, which means a noise-free environment offered by it while you are working in your kitchen.
  3. The other major benefit of having this chimney is that it comes with multiple inlets and these inlets give proper support to the motor. The motor handled less pressure and suck more amount of oily air inside easily.
  4. The maintenance of this chimney can be affordable. The prominent factor of this chimney is that in the term successful working it satisfies their customer.
  5. The last benefit of using this chimney is that it has 3 – equal balanced suction, which mean in case any 1 suction can’t work properly then the rest of the two presents on the hood suck the entire dust and smoke very easily.

The benefits of having 3 –way kitchen chimneys are countless. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, it needs no further investment. Your one-time investment gives you long-term perks and facility.

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How does the 3-way Suction Chimney works?

As we discussed above, the chimney has multiple inlets. With the help of these inlets the 3-way suction chimney works. These inlets are supported by the advanced motor. The combination of both supports the structure of the chimney. They kept all the dust and smoke particles from the different areas of the kitchen inside it. Additionally, the fumes are inhaled back into the hood by the wind flow, if any dust is staying in the kitchen areas. Don’t forget, while you are installing this chimney the connection of electricity can be done with proper safety and alternatives. It is an electrical device and it requires more safety and proper flow of electricity.

The filtration process is also followed by this chimney. After completing the above-mentioned process, the remaining oil elements are filtered out.


In the term of usage, working efficiency and benefits, a 3-way suction chimney is a prominent option for every kitchen. If you are looking for a powerful cleaner solution, then you should consider this product.

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