Know How To Choose The Right Pair Of Football Shoes Which Can Boost Your Performance

The game of football is all about mobility, speed, and performance. You will always have to move around the field to get a grip on the ball and score a goal, keeping the opposition from having the upper hand. For all this to be a smooth journey, football shoes are essential.

However, choosing the right football shoe takes a lot of work. You must remember various shoe-specific characteristics while planning to win the game. As an added help, here is a comprehensive guide enabling you to select the right football shoes for the game ahead.

Choose The Right Pair Of Football Shoes

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It takes a lot of attention to detail to win a big game, and that starts with you being mindful of the little things that go into the structure and design of your football shoes. Read on for the ultimate details.

The Shape Of Your Foot

Each foot is unique, and you must always strive for the differential needs while preparing for an intense game like football. The type of difference not only matters in terms of size but the width and arches as well.

Football shoes’ overall design and fit vary from brand to brand. Some sell wider boots of the same size, while others are toward a compact size. Make sure to stick by a brand of comfort and not experiment with the shoe type immediately before the game. If replacing the existing pair just before the game is too necessary, consider repurchasing the same variant or have a detailed conversation with the brand guide when transitioning into a new one.

Another important factor you must focus on is the arches of your foot. Usually, players have high arches, flat feet, and normal arches. Go through the table below for a better understanding.

Type Of Arch Alignment Football Shoe Type
High Arch The body weight gets placed on the outside edge of your foot – Supination Go for cushioning football shoes
Flat Foot The body weight gets placed on the inside edge of your foot – Pronation Motion control shoes will work the best
Normal Arch Neutral Choose shoes that claim to offer stability


Whether your football shoes are too small for the foot or too large, both conditions will bother you to the fullest by the end of the game. There are chances of getting blisters, leading to a painful experience. In that case, sticking to the correct size is all the more critical.

Particularly, when searching for a kid’s footwear, there are chances for their feet to grow. That way, you can stick with one size bigger than the current one. However, there is no room for such experiments in the case of athletes, and one must purchase an ideal size.

Material of the Shoe

The third on the list is the build-up material of your football shoes. The fabric used has the potential to affect the performance, comfort, and stability of your feet. Generally, boots for football are either made from leather or synthetic.

Leather adds to the comfort of your feet when used as an upper material. The particular gets easily moulded per your shoe shape, offering an accurate contact area and facilitating excellent ball control. Also, football shoes with leather upper finish are soft in feel, providing a better advantage with extra time and long training sessions.

On the other hand, a synthetic boot will help you with a lighter feel and long-term durability. These are also waterproof, keeping your feet dry when practising during the rain.

The Playing Surface

The game of football has undergone a massive evolution since its starting days. Stadiums now include all types of surfaces to make the game weather-appropriate and audience-accessible. From muddy pitches to synthetic courts, players are training for a multi-dimensional gaming setup. So based on the surface type, select the right football shoes. The list below offers a thorough understanding:

Surface Type Shoes That You Must Opt For Functionalities Served By The Shoes
Indoor Non-Mark Outsole The boots are used on the courts inside.


The boots will leave no marks.

Soft Ground


Changeable Studs The shoe’s outsole has six conical stud formations.


The studs are longer for a better grip on the muddy ground.


Avoid wearing those on hard surfaces to eliminate accidents.

Firm Ground


Moulded Studs Appropriate for damp and natural dry grass.


The body weight gets equally distributed, reducing injury-related risk.

Synthetic Grass Short Hollow Studs The short hollow studs offer a lightweight feel.


They are also excellent shock absorbers.

Hard Ground Astro Soles The shoes are also named football trainers.


The sole has dimples other than studs.


The boots with Astro soles are heavier than those for firm and soft grounds.

Colour And Style

As discussed, the game of football has undergone a huge change. You can now see brands launching new pairs in funky colours and designs. International footballers wear shades of neon and blue, ditching the regular whites. However, when choosing shoes for your foot type, focus on comfort and dedicated needs.


The laces part of your shoe is quite vulnerable and the most used to score, strike, and clear aims in the match. Go for football shoes offering the proper tie-ups for your laces. Check for those with asymmetrical laces, as these particular ones offer a clean string area compared to others.


The game of football is a mix of varied motions within 90 minutes. You feel happy, sad, rushed, anxious, and joyous all at the same time. And the state of mind is mutual for both the players and the audience. But as a player, you must be more mindful of the game and the consequences involved. Consider the points mentioned above to invest in the best football shoes and score the right goal for your team.

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