Top 6 Largest Coal Producing States in India

Coal is an important source of energy that is used for various purposes. It is known that coal is used in large quantity to run trains and other purposes. There has always been a good demand of coal in the country. You will get many industries that are engaged with the coal production. It is found that India holds the fifth position in coal production in the whole world. This shows that India comes under the five important countries that produces coal. India is also the vast producer of coal and it has some huge coal reserves. It was in 1774 when India started its coal production. The first launch of coal production started on the banks of Damodar River in West Bengal. In India about 98% of coal production comes from Gondwana coal mines.

Many times, coal is also transferred to other countries of the world. This shows that the demand of coal production will never decrease in the future. Most of the coal is produced and comes from Indian states like Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh.  These are the states that produces huge coal fields. It is then transferred to other areas of India.

List of Largest Coal Producing states in India

Coal Producing India
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In this part, you will learn about some of the best and largest coal producing states in India. The commercial production of coal in India started during the British reign in 1774. Let us now explore some of the largest coal producing states in India.

1. Jharkhand

It is one of the largest coal producers in India. Once you visit the state you will find large and huge coal fields that are located in various corners of the state. This state is best known for good amount of coal production in India. It is estimated that Jharkhand produces about 83.15 billion of coal in the country. The state has major coal fields in areas like Bokaro, Giridh, Ramgarh, Karanpur and Hutar. You must know it very well that Jharia is one of the oldest and richest coalfields that is located in Jharkhand. It produces the fine-quality of Bituminous coal which has a great demand. The majority of the coal fields are located in the narrow belts that run from east to west. Jharia is located in Dhanbad. This place is known for its largest coal reserves. It has some well-known places and coal mines too.

2. Odisha

The next one that comes in the list of coal production is Odissa. This is the state that produces about 84. 878 billion of coals in India. This state is located in the eastern part of India and has a total coal reserve of 24% of the country’s production. It is also estimated that 15% of India’s coal production is made by this state. There are large coal fields located in Odisha. The majority of coal fields is located in areas like Sundergarh, Sambalpur and other Districts. Talchar is one of the biggest coalfields of Odissa. It is estimated that the coal field is located in 500 square kilometre of area. The coal fields in this area have also created good job opportunities for the people. A good number of people is also engaged with the coal production work.

3. Chhattisgarh

Yet another one in the list which is engaged in good number of coal production is the state of Chhattisgarh. It is found that about 17% of coal production of India comes from this state. There are good number of renowned coal fields that are located in Chhattisgarh. It has some big coal reserves in the country. Hasdeo Arand is one of the largest coal fields of Chhattisgarh. It is also one of the most renowned ones in the country.  This coal field comprises of 1.878 square kilometres of land. The next biggest coal field in this state is the Korba coal field. It is also a huge one. Other major and reputed coal field of Chhattisgarh is Jhimli, and Johilla. They are most known for its largest coal fields in the state. Every year Chhattisgarh produces 57 billion of coal in the country which is a good thing. This is good for entire coal production in India.

4. West Bengal

It is another state that is known for good production of coals in the country. It produces about 11% of coal production in the state. The most important coal production in this state is made in Ranigunj which is located in the Birbhum district. This district has been in the work of coal production for a long time. The primary deposits of this coal field are 50 to 65% of carbon and it makes the coal mines an important place. The other districts that are also engaged with the work of coal production are Bankura, Puruliya, Birbhum and parts of Darjeeling. It is found that about 31.67 billion of coal is produced in this state. Most of the coal produced in this state is also transferred to other places of India. There are some old and renowned coal fields that are working dedicatedly in this area. It is forth largest coal producing state in India.

5. Madhya Pradesh

The fifth coal producing state in India is Madhya Pradesh. It contributes about 5% of coal production in the whole country. This state has main coal reserves in districts such Singrauli, Muhpani, Satpura, Sohagpur and many others. They have good and large coal fields. The state coal mines have the main duty of supplying coals to the two important thermal plants that are located in Obra and Singrauli. The total coal reserve of this state is estimated to be about 27.99 billion tonnes.

6. Telangana

Yet another state that is also engaged with coal production in Telangana. It occupies the fifth position in coal production. The total coal production of this state is estimated to be about 22. 857 billion metric tonnes. Manuguru, Kasipeta are some of the areas that have large coal fields. The Singareni coal reserve is one of the largest ones in the state.

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