Top 7 Largest Tea Producing States in India

If you are tea lover you must be well-aware of the states that produce and manufacture the maximum number of teas. In India there are several such states that produce good amount of tea. Sometimes they are also sent to other countries of the world. If you are tea lover you will always prefer to have a sip of refreshing tea after some time. It will be good to know that India is the second largest tea producing country in the world next to China. This is something good for the country as well. There are many Indian states that are engaged with the task of tea production. Tea of every state comes with a different aroma. It also comes with a refreshing taste at the same time.

You must be well-aware of the knowledge that tea is grown under a special climatic condition. It is best grown on sloping hills. This is why you must have seen that tea plantation is best done on the hills. The place should have or receive good amount of rain for tea plantation. This is another vital requirement for tea production.

List of Largest tea producing states in India:

In this part, you will learn about the Indian states that produces good amount of tea. It will be good to learn about it.

1. Assam

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Out of all the Indian states, Assam produces a large amount of tea. Located in the eastern part of Himalayas and on the banks of river Brahmaputra, Assam always occupies the first position in tea production. Assam tea has occupied a great place in the commercial market. Tea cultivation in Assam takes place over 2, 16, 200 hectares of land. With this you can easily imagine about the whole area in which tea is produced. Annually it is estimated that Assam annually produces about 400 million kilograms of tea. It is also transported to other countries of the world.

2. West Bengal

The second largest tea producer country is West Bengal. The northern part of this state is best known for tea production. You can get to see tea garden spreading over large areas of land in New Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Kurseong and parts of Mirik. This has also created good job opportunities for the people. Most of the tea gardens employs good number of people in tea plantation works till its complete production. There are big tea estates located in various parts of North Bengal.

3. Tripura

You must have heard about Tripura. This state is located in the north-eastern part of India. It is a small state that have ample tea gardens. Most of the people in this state is engaged with tea production. The tea produced in this state is carried to other countries of the world. The tea of Tripura comes with an amazing taste. They have a beautiful packaging that attracts the buyers to a considerable extent. You will get vast lands of this state that is engaged with tea plantation. This is good because it creates good job opportunities for the people.

4. Arunachal Pradesh

It is another state that is engaged with the task of tea production. It is estimated that every year this state produces or manufactures about 11 to 12 million kgs of tea. This is a good amount which is send to other countries. This is the state that produces various types of tea such as purple tea, green tea, white tea and yellow tea. The best thing about this tea is that it has occupied a good market in the global industry. This tea once manufactured is send to various foreign countries. There are many tea factories in this state that is also engaged with the task of manufacturing and packaging the tea in the best possible manner.

5. Karnataka

If you visit this state, you must have seen that there are many districts and places in Karnataka that are engaged with tea production. Their production is sold to other countries and sometimes to other states. There are ample tea estates that are located in places like Chikmagalur, Hassan, Dakshina Kannada and many other districts. The entire tea production is done systematically with some modern methods. As Karnataka is much technologically developed so, you will find the while tea production is done with advanced and technical ways. The tea of this state comes with a special taste and flavour. Once you start taking the sip of this tea, you will love to have it several times.

6. Sikkim

Sikkim is another state that is also engaged with tea production. With the production of high-quality tea, the state has earned good fame and reputation among the tea exporters and the consumers at the same time. The tea gardens located in various parts of this small state produces about 0.5 million Kgs of tea annually. Black tea is the most common type of tea that is manufactured in Sikkim. In fact, the state is famous for the production of black tea. If you are fond of black tea, you must try the one that comes from Sikkim.  The production of black tea commences from the buds. Sikkim started its tea production in the year 1969. Since then, it is engaged with the production of tasty and yummy teas. The first tea production in Sikkim started in Temi tea estate. It is one of the most renowned ones in the state. Everyone knows about it.

7. Nagaland

It is found that Nagaland has a great scope of tea production. Tea in this state is grown on various altitudes depending on the demand. Most of the tea produced in this state is send to the commercial market. They have a great demand. Recently with the outbreak of the pandemic tea production in this state experienced a great set back. However, it is now reviving and going back to a better position. It is expected that within a short time the state will increase its tea production. There are vast areas of land in Nagaland which is being introduced for tea production and manufacturing process.

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