The Best Facial Oil for Combination Skin in India

In this varying season, our face skin needs some facial oils and effective skincare provides the much-needed replenishment to your skin. The majority of the population has a misconception that people with oily skin should stay from oils, which is a complete myth.

Keeping every concern in mind, unfortunately, many beauty brands offer mild facial oils that help in oil control and are suitable for all skin types including oily skin, acne-prone sensitive skin and dry skin.

There are various benefits of applying facial oil to regular skincare, including preventing ageing that causes early ageing dryness, offering much-required hydration to the skin, adding a sheer glow & making skin subtle & soft, providing anti-oxidants that are important for cell repair, promoting healthy skin, reducing dullness, dark sport and uneven skin tone, and soothing the skin of any eczema.

One significant pro of these facial oils is that they are rich in fatty acids which help in producing the additional layer of the skin which treat as a natural fence against dirt and pollution. If you are also looking for the best facial oil for combination skin, you can check out the given list.

Facial Oil for Combination Skin

List of  Best Facial Oil for Combination Skin in India

How To Choose The Best Facial Oil

The core of any skincare routine is oil. They possess the capacity to safeguard, restore, and renew skin cells. Oils act as the skin’s natural defenders and can also supply it with various nutrients. Moisturisers, harsh chemicals, and even a poor diet can eliminate the natural oils on the skin. As a result, the skin loses a lot of its protective qualities and becomes very vulnerable. They provide most of the best facial oils here, categorised by skin type. We can select the appropriate oil for each skin type because each oil has unique qualities.

 Normal skin

Face oils can assist in maintaining healthy skin’s smoothness and hydration even though it is less dry. Use oils that don’t clog pores, irritate the skin, or dry it out, including conventional kumkumadi, argan, and almond oil.

Acne-prone and oily skin

Overactivity in oil glands, particularly resulting in too much sebum, is among the most common causes of breakouts. Neem and tea tree are an interesting combination of chemicals to reduce oil production and eliminate bacterial pathogens from root to tip.

Dry skin

It is simpler to believe that almost any face lotion will be effective on the skin of this type. Although they contain larger molecules that create a barrier to prevent inflammation, avocado, pomegranate, and grape seed oils are particularly excellent for oily skin.

Mature skin

Considering that older skin has many more dark spots and fine wrinkles. Avocado and grape seed oils, which are plentiful in antioxidants, aid in making skin soft and smooth.

As I become older, will my face require oil?

Eventually, fine wrinkles appear on the face due to the skin’s decreased natural oil production as we mature. Since lipids naturally love fat and permit fat to flow through them and mix with other different molecules to replenish the lipid areas of the skin.

By their very nature, oils are lipophilic, stopping additional water loss while nourishing the skin from within, increasing skin smoothness and plumpness. Trans-epidermal water loss rises as a result of lipid bilayer degradation.


Face oils and moisturisers are both crucial for keeping skin healthy and nourished. For balance to be maintained, the skin requires 70% water and 30% oil. The oil aids the skin in holding onto the water that’s also applied to it, and moisturiser serves as protection from free radicals, the sun, and environmental contaminants.