List of Fukrey Boyzzz Cartoon Characters & Cast Name

Fukrey Boyzzz is another comedy serial loved by the kids. It is one of the most happening serials loved by most of the kids. The fact of this serial is so funny that the little ones love it. Choocha, Hunny, and Lali are three friends who want to make money. Thus they come in contact with a wrong person named Bholi. The whole serial is full of love and laughter. It is the serial that is preferred by most of the little ones. It is highly entertaining.

Primary characters of Fukrey Boyzzz serial:

In this part, you will come across the primary characters of the serial. This will help to know about each one of them in the best possible manner. The three characters Choocha, Hunny, and Lali have a lot of fun while they go to school. They enjoy every moment of their life. The serial will slowly become an attraction to the kids.

Fukrey Boyzzz Cartoon


He is the person who is the central part of this serial. He is performing the lead role in this show. Hunny and Lali assist him in all his work. These two guys always love to stay with him. Choocha is a hilarious person and always makes some funny acts. When he goes to school, he makes a lot of nuisances. This is why all his friends and teachers are tired of him. They get irritated with the acts of choocha.


As discussed, Hunny is one of the best friends of Choocha. He always assists Choocha in all notorious acts. He is the one who always pretends to be innocent, but the fact is that he is naughty enough. He has a clear and cute look. These boys have a dream to become rich. So, they make every attempt to make all their dreams come true. The best part of their story is when they go to school and make various nuisances with their friends and teachers. Even the staff of the school is getting tired of them. It will be lovely to watch the activity of Hunny in this serial.


Lali is another crucial character in this serial. He is another partner of crime in this serial. He is always found with Choocha and Hunny. Many times these guys are found to hire people to get their work done. But they make a mess, and all their attempts go in vain. The best part of the serial is that they have a unique and strong bonding. They never leave each other in any situation. This makes their friendship much more robust and beautiful. They always stay with each other during a tough period. All these three guys love each other and also care.

Final Note:

If you want to keep the little ones engaged with something funny and entertaining, you can allow them to watch Fukrey Boyzzz. It is a fantastic serial that will the juniors will love. After some time, they will get addicted to this serial. You can start with it.

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