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Before you read this article any further, we would like to mention the fact that we are going to talk about the land records of Andhra Pradesh. Please do not confuse this with Arunachal Pradesh. So talking about Andhra Pradesh, it is located in south-east India and it is the seventh largest state in the country. Andhra Pradesh has cities like Vishakhapatnam which are known for beauty as well as for industrial development. Talking about the economy of Andhra Pradesh, it is a mixed type of economy which is dependent on several types of sectors.

There is no doubt about the fact that Andhra Pradesh is known to be one of the best places to make investments and this is major because of the business-friendly policy of the state. If you really wish to invest in the state then you can start by purchasing the land as this is also termed as a primary investment. The land can prove to be a great asset as it can undergo a high capital growth with time. It is always necessary to check the land records in any state where you plan to purchase the land so you must also check the land records in Andhra Pradesh. In this article, we are going to talk about all the relevant details regarding the Land Records in Andhra Pradesh.

Advantages of Checking Land Records

Since the records are now made available online, the main advantage is that you do not have to visit the government office and stand in a queue to get the land records. Apart from that, the real estate sector in Andhra Pradesh was a little stagnant so this online facility to check the land record has promoted a lot of growth in the real estate sector. Even for the buyers, the facility has played a major role as they can stay vigilant while purchasing the land and at the same time, they can also choose to validate the deals by checking the land records. This is simply yet impactful way to carry due diligence while purchasing the land.

Steps to Check Land Records in Andhra Pradesh

You can follow the steps listed below to check all the details.

  • The portal to check the land records in Andhra Pradesh is The search for the land records starts from this portal.
  • Once you are on the portal, navigate through the options available in the top menu bar. Click on Adangal from the option and a drop-down menu will be displayed. From the drop-down option, click on your Adangal.

Mee Bhoomi AP Adangal

  • You will now be redirected to a new page where you can enter the details of the property for which you are searching the land records. Before you begin, select the search criteria. This website gives you the freedom to search using survey number, account number, Aadhaar number and name of the owner. Select the criteria and move to the next step.

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  • To start the search, enter the district name, zone name, village name and survey name. You would also need to enter the captcha code and click on submit after entering all the details.
  • Ensure that the popup windows are not disabled here. After clicking on the submit button, a popup window will appear with the details of the land records.

What are Other Services Offered?

Other services offered by the website apart from being able to check the land records include the ability to check 1B details. You can also link the mobile number and Aadhaar number to your land records with the help of this website. This is a unique feature offered only in Andhra Pradesh. You can also check FMB details and Village Map. It is also possible to check the court cases on the property and apart from that, you can check for the complaints on the property as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that it is mandatory to check the land records of the property that you are planning to purchase.

The records are available online and this is the best advantage of the public portals being offered by the government. In case of any doubt, reach out to the department of revenue.