Top 10 Most Famous Doctors of India Ever

Doctors who are considered equivalent to God are the savers of human beings. Without doctors our life in incomplete and handicapped. Doctors are our saviors and our helpers who cannot deny any patient at any time. Our body is the essential part of our whole existence, to work efficiently our mental and physical health is needed to be is an optimum condition all the time. Luckily with the help of a specialist, it becomes easy to take good care of our body and to maintain good health for the healthier population. The government has established a massive number of health institutes or health caring centers in every country so that people should not compromise when it comes to health-care. Every village should have a well-trained doctor so that in case of emergency no person should suffer because of the lack of facilities at their place.

There are some doctors in India who are practicing their medical skills while serving the community. But among them here are the top ten doctors of India ever:

List of Top Doctors In India

10. Dr. A.J.K. Gohale

Known as one of the best and most reputed physicians and heart surgeons, Dr. A.J.K. Gohale is the first one on our list. He is well known for his skills, and he is the first heart surgeon who successfully performed the human-to-human heart transplant. Not just this but he has also performed lungs transplant that proves his skills. In 2016 Dr. A.J.K. Gohale received Padma Sri award from the government of India for his contribution towards his work and society. Other than Padma Sri, Dr. A.J.K. Gohale is honored with the UgadiPuraskaram by the government of Andhra Pradesh. He has spent all of his years in learning about the field of Cardiac surgery because of that he can successfully perform the minimal access cardiac surgery and also lead the implementation of LVAD Left Ventricular Assist Device.

9. Dr. NareshTrehan

Dr. Naresh is an Indian doctor famous for his skills as a cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon. Born in 1946, he is one of the most reputed Indian doctors. He got his medical education from the King George’s Medical College in Lucknow. With his skills and experience, he has performed many critical conditions. Now he is the founder, chief cardiovascular surgeon and executive director at the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre in New Delhi, India. Currently, he is practicing at Medanta TM- The Medicity one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals at Gurgaon, as a chairman and managing director and chief cardiac surgeon. Medanta is not just one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals at Gurgaon, but it is also considered as one of the top class hospitals.

8. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty is another reputable doctor who is famous for his work in the field as a cardiac surgeon. By showing his skills, he is compared as to called as “Henry Ford” in the field of heart surgery. As brings the new methods of cardiac surgery in India. Dr. Prasad is the founder of world’s biggest cancer and cardiac specialist hospital NarayanaHrudayalaya, not just this but this hospital is also known as the most affordable heart institute of India. Graduated from the Guys Hospital of U.K. Dr. Prasad get his degree of practice. His contribution in science and public welfare helped him receive awards. To help the public to get cheap medical insurance, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty with the support of Karnataka Government started a new and affordable medical insurance scheme called Yashvani.

7. Acacio Gabriel Viegas

In 1896 a mysterious diseases spread into Bombay (Mumbai), affecting many residences of the city, and soon the condition becomes an epidemic. With his skills and medical experience, Acacio Gabriel Viegas diagnosed this mysterious disease and found out that it is a Bubonic Plague. With this, he got to save many lives. Acacio Gabriel Viegas is still well known for his contribution in protecting the city from this Bubonic Plague.

6. Dr. RamneekMahajan

Known for his work as an Orthopedics and a Joint Replacement specialist, Dr. RamneekMahajan is one of the highly skilled doctors who have over 15 years’ experience handling Orthopedics & Joint Replacement cases. To share his experience he has presented many important papers associated with his field. Throughout his career, Dr. RamneekMahajan has treated almost 2500 joint replacement cases and over 1000 cases of Spine and Orthopedic surgeries.

5. Dr. DwarkanathKotnis

Dr. DwarkanathKotnis is one of those doctors who proved that their first duty is to save the life of people who are in need. During the second Sino-Japanese war Dr. DwarkanathKotnis helped to treat the wounded Chinese soldiers. His dedication to his work, selfless service and his generosity gave him the nickname of ‘Black Mother’ among the Chinese villagers. Dr. DwarkanathKotnis is always going to the name to remember whenever we look at the past of China. Dr. DwarkanathKotnis was a Physician, who was awarded a Gold medal by China for his selfless service. He died when he was 32 years old. Indeed, it was a very short life, but he was able to make India proud for his service in a foreign land.

4. Dr. LalitPanchal

In the field of Orthopaedics, Dr. LalitPanchal is an entirely well-known name. Currently operating from his clinic at Chembur Colony-Chembur East, he is expert in the cases of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. LalitPanchal is well known for treating children and adults with the case of spine deformation or any other bony deformities. With his skills, he is known to handle any complex case like pelvic acetabular fractures. Dr. LalitPanchal also offers his advice as a consultant orthopedic surgeon, with his 17 years of experience working in India now it is not easy to get the appointment with the doctor. Because of his busy schedule he patients can’t get to him immediately because of the long waiting list of the patients.

3. Dr. Ashim Desai

Dr. Ashim Desai is an ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist, who is practicing in India for almost 17 years. He has practiced his medical degree in many government hospitals and municipal hospitals. With a simple motto to provide his best service to the community, he is one and only ENT surgeon in India. Currently working at the Apollo hospital, Dr. Ashim Desai is famous for performing thousands of successful surgeries.

2. Dr. SudhansuBhattachryya, MBBS, MS, MCH

Known as one of the best Cardiovascular Surgeon in India, Dr. ShudhanshuBhattachryya completed his education and a medical degree from Ahmedabad. Dr. Sudhansu is also one of the best Indian Cardiovascular Surgeon. Dr. SudhansuBhattachryya is an MBB and MS doctor who invented Atrial Retractor for Mitral Valve Replacement. Not just this but he has patented a few surgical tools. To make the process of bilateral Internal Mammary Arteries easy,he also invented an Internal Mammary Artery Retractor. Before he started to practice his medical degree, Dr. SudhansuBhattachryya also served as a professor for Cardiothoracic surgery at Sheth G.S. Medical College (KEM hospital). As for now, Dr. SudhansuBhattachryya is affiliated to practice his medical degree in Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai and Bombay Hospital.

1. Dr. Pranay Shah

Displaying his work and skills in the field of Endoscopic surgery, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Endometriosis Surgery, Urogynecology and Stress Incontinence Repair Dr. Pranay Shah is one of the most experienced doctors in India. After getting his medical degree from the Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai (K.E.M. Hospital), Dr. Pranay Shah got to share his skills. Currently affiliated to Bhatia, H.N.Reliance, Jaslok and Saifee Hospitals, Mumbai to practice his medical degree. Dr. Pranay Shah is the author of “Step by Step Laparoscopy in Infertility” and “Practical Manual of Hysteroscopy.” He also invented a Vaginal manipulator to simplify laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Since the very beginning of the time, the job of a doctor is treated as one of the most reputed profession not just in India but everywhere in the world as well. Being a doctor is not easy but seeing so many famous Indian doctors made it possible for our country to the feel proud. There are a number of doctors who have done great in their fields and are doing the excellent job in their particular fields which is improving our nation, and this improvement is only done with the advancement of technology. Today’s generation survives on junk food, and they face a lot many health issues. Many other people are suffering from a number of problems, and without the help of doctors, our lives would have been difficult to cure.

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