OEC Prematric Scholarship 2023: Application, Eligibility, Process

OEC scholarship is one of the top scholarships provided by the Government of Kerala to assist and improve the educational background of financially backward scheduled caste students. The scholarship is made available to all candidates belonging to the scheduled caste (SC) in Kerala. This scholarship is perhaps not known to most of the candidates as the schools and institutions registered in each district of Kerala are limited.

As mentioned above, the OEC scholarship is funded by the Government of Kerala, to be precise by the Backward Communities Development Department.  The eligibility criterion for the scholarship is mentioned below.

Eligibility criterion 

  • The candidate/applicant should belong to a scheduled caste in Kerala
  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Kerala
  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen with his/her name in the ration card
  • The applicant should be a resident of Kerala, however, he/she should be from any of the below-mentioned community
  1. Madiga
  2. Kudumbi
  3. Chakkamar
  4. Chemman/chemmar
  5. Pulaya Vettuvan (except Kochi state)
  6. Dheevara
  7. Scheduled caste applicants converted to Christianity
  • If the applicant belongs to the OBC category, then he/she should be from any of the community mentioned below
  • Veluthedathu Nair (Vannathan and Veluthedan)
  • Thottian
  • Naikkans
  • Kannadiyans
  • Agasa
  • Vilkurup
  • Perumkollan
  • Thottian
  • Madivala
  • Mooppar
  • Kerala Mudalis
  • Kaikolan
  • Chavalakkaran
  • Tholkolans
  • Yadavas (Mayar, Iruman, Ayar, Kolaya, and Maniyani)
  • Erumakkar
  • Ezhavathi
  • Kanisu
  • Ganika
  • Telugu Chetties, Wayanadan Chetties
  • 24 Mana Telugu Chetties
  • Sri Pandara Chetties
  • Udiyankulangara Chetties
  • Kalavara Chetties
  • Kottar chetties
  • Attingal chetties
  • Iraniel chetties
  • Elur chetties
  • The applicant should be from any class between class 1st to 10th
  • The applicant should be studying in a government recognized school

OEC Pre-matric scholarship disbursement rate –

Class category Lump sum grant amount Fee re-imbursement amount
Class 1st to 4th INR 320 INR 1333
Class 5th to 7th INR 630 INR 1333
Class 7th to 10th INR 940 INR 2000

Application process 

To apply for this scholarship scheme here is the steps to follow –

Step 1: The applicant will have to visit the official website http://scholarship.itschool.gov.in

Step 2: In the page, you will an option “OBC/OEC Prematric”, click this option.

Step 3: You will find this option on the top menu bar

Step 4: From the list that appears, click the OEC scholarship notice

Step 5: Now click the “Instruction for new students” that find on the screen

Step 6: Read all the instruction mentioned on the screen

Step 7: Now click the “Login OEC 2019-2020” option

Step 8: Register as a new member by providing all the details as requested

Step 9: After completing the registration you will receive a unique USER ID and Password

Step 10: Now using the USER ID and Password login to the account and fill in the application form.

Step 11: While filling in the application form, attach all the requested documents as requested

Step 12: Once you complete filling in the application form, submit the form and download the acknowledgment for future reference.

In case of any doubt or queries, here is the contact detail –

Director, BC Development Department,

Ayyankali Bhavan, Kanakanagar,

Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram-3

Contact No: 0471-2727379

Email: obcdirectorate@gmail.com

If you are planning to get an OEC pre-matric scholarship then, do not neglect any of the details mentioned above. To apply for the scholarship online follow the procedure mentioned above.