Ration Card Assam – How to Apply, Forms, Check Online Status

As per the response to one the RTI, it came to light that Assam has the highest number of people living below the poverty line. This is a serious issue as people living below the poverty line can find it really tough to manage the daily meals. In such a case, the government can help as these families can apply for a BPL ration card which can help them in getting food at subsidized rates.

If you are willing to apply for a ration card in Assam or if you know someone who needs helps then here is the complete procedure for the same.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required

The eligibility criteria are Assam is same as the rest of the country. If you wish to apply for ration card then you can choose between AAY and Priority Household Card depending on the type you need. The difference here is that the people holding AAY card gets 35 Kg of rice monthly at Rs 2 per KG and Priority Household Card members get 5 Kg rice per month. The documents required are

  • Identity and Address Proof of Family Members
  • Voter ID Card for Family Members
  • Birth Certificate if any child is below 10 years in age
  • Income Certificate

These are the documents required and you must have them ready before you start the procedure to apply for the ration card. It should be noted that the income of the family should be in the range prescribed by the government.

The process to Apply for Ration Card in Assam

Here is the procedure to apply for ration card in Assam

  • You need to start by getting the form and in order to get the form, you need to visit the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affair office in your area. You will be able to obtain a form from them
  • Now, fill in the form and ensure that you are filling it in the capital and bold letters. The spelling should be correct and all the details should match with the details on your ID proof. Also, attach the copy of the documents required.
  • Sign the form at relevant details and submit the form to the officer at the office. Once this is done, the office will verify the documents attached and he will share an acknowledgment receipt with you.

This is how you can apply for ration card in Assam. From here on wards, the government office takes over the procedure to verify and issue the ration card to you. Keep the acknowledgment number safely so as to track the application in later stages.

What happens after submission of Form?

Once you submit the form, the officer will send it for verification. Your document and the form will be verified and they will be forwarding the application to an inspector. The inspector will then verify the details and there are chances that he will visit you at home to verify all these details as well. Post verification, the inspector will submit his report and the ration card will be issued to you. It should be noted that the total time duration can extend up to 3 weeks since the day you submitted the application. The ration card will be delivered to your home after it has been issued.

Steps to Track Ration Card

Presently, the government of Assam has not made the system available to apply or check the status of ration card online yet. In such a case, you can track the application status by visiting the office and check for your application number. Another way to check the real-time status is by calling the department. The toll-free number to call them is 1800 345 3611. You can call on this number and request for the status of the application. You can also call on 1967 if you have BSNL mobile or landline number.


We have listed all the information about applying for ration card in Assam. Remember that submitting the correct details and the correct document is the key to get the ration card early. Also, you can reach out to the numbers listed the previous section to raise a complaint or to check any information about the procedure.

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