Old Age Pension Arunachal Pradesh – How To Apply, Eligibility, Status

Arunachal Pradesh is the northeastern state of Indian, and it shares international border with Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. The old aged people of the state can get the benefit of the pension scheme. According to this scheme, the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh will be able to get an old age pension of Rs. 1300 to Rs.1500/- every month as per the age group criteria.

The procedure to apply for the old age pension scheme is quite easy and can be performed by the applicant or his/her children. Here are the significant details regarding the application form, status and eligibility of old age pension scheme.

Eligibility and Documents Required

The benefits of the Old-age Pension Scheme can only be availed by the people aged from 60 to 80 years and more. The people who are between the age of 60 to 79 years will only get the amount of Rs.1300/- while the people who are of age 80 or above will receive an amount of Rs.1500/- per month.

  • Income Certificate
  • Aadhar number
  • Passport size photos of the applicant
  • Mobile number
  • Bank details

The applicants have to submit photocopies of the above documents with the application form. Every document should have appropriate details about the applicant to avoid any difficulty in receiving a pension.

Old Age Pension

Application Procedure for Old Age Pension Scheme

  • The applicants will need to go to this link from where they can get the form for this scheme.
  • The form should be filled up by the applicant with the correct details without making any errors in it. The necessary documents should be attached with the application.
  • After filling up the form, the applicant can reach the District Nodal office from where they can submit the form along with the documents.
  • After the verification of details and the onward submission, the further work will be done by the Directorate of Social Justice and Empowerment and Tribal Affairs, Department Government of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The verification is done by the concerned authorities, and the pension is only approved if the applicant has provided correct details in the application along with the necessary documents.

So, this is a simple application procedure for the old age pension scheme in Arunachal Pradesh.  The applicants can also get the application form directly from the District nodal office if they aren’t able to download it online.

How to check the status of Old age pension application?

The applicants are allowed to check the status of old age application offline. They will have to visit the district nodal office to check status. When the applicants will fill up the form and submit it at the office, they will receive a receipt, and on that receipt, there is a tracking number which can be used to check the status of the old age pension application. The concerned authorities will let you know about the details regarding the pension procedure and status.


Now that you are known with the whole procedure of the old age pension scheme, it will be really easy to fill up the form without making any errors in it. If the applicant has any doubts or queries related to the status or submission of the application form, then he/she can get it cleared by taking the help of the concerned authorities at the relevant office. The office where the form is submitted is the place from where one can get all the doubts cleared.

Instead of providing the wrong details in the application, it will be better if the applicant all the doubts made by the concerned authorities at the office.