Old Age Pension Maharashtra – How to apply, Eligibility and Status

A welfare state is one where all its residence enjoys social and economic security irrespective of age, caste or creed. The Indian government with a view of creating a welfare state has initiated various schemes, which are being implemented by the aid and support of state government.

Senior citizens are of our society, they have strived for the development of the state for many years. Hence it is an obligation of the government to take care of them by providing better facilities and financial aid to those in need. The state must focus on proactive development, and design the schemes in such a way that their implantation is easy to keep track off.

The National pension system is being governed by the PFRDA in India. Under this system, the government initiated the Indra Gandhi Pension Scheme. The scheme was started with a view to providing financial aid to residents in need of it. It mainly targeted the weaker section such as old, widow, disable and etc. One such program undertaken by the government for the aid and rehabilitation of senior citizens is Indra Gandhi Old age pension scheme. Under the scheme both the central and state government share and provide pension to the eligible applicants.

Old Age Pension

What is the benefit of the scheme?

The scheme was established with the view to help in the rehabilitation of the needy and destitute people by granting them financial aid.

The senior citizens who have completed the assessed age can fill in the concerned application form and submit it the officer having the authority to grant. The application form once verified and considered the applicant will be awarded financial aid every month.

How to apply for old age pension in Maharashtra?

The application procedure to avail the benefits of the scheme is as follows:

  1. The applicant has to first collect the application form. The form can be obtained by visiting the Tashildar, collector or Talathi office. The government has not yet provided a clear online portal for applying under the scheme.

However, the below clicked website can be visited for details with regard to government services. https://aaplesarkar.mahaonline.gov.in/en/Login/Login

  1. The person after collecting the form has to fill it correctly by providing all required information as to name, age, pension availing category, and BPL certificate number.
  2. The completed form has to be submitted at the Tashildar, Collector or Talathi office. While submitting the filled and signed form ensures to attach passport size photograph of the applicant.
  3. The form has to be submitted with the documents such as BPL certificate, age proof and Aadhar card for supporting the claim and to avail the services.
  4. On submitting the application request for an acknowledgment for future references. The applications so received will the reviewed thoroughly and eligible candidates will be granted pension through Tashildar office.

The pension amount given to the eligible candidates in the state of Maharashtra is rupees six hundred per month. Out of the said month rupees, 200 is given from the central government and rupees 400 from the state government. The pension amount of rupees 600 is given to each eligible applicant under the scheme.

Eligibility criteria for old age pension under the scheme

Under the scheme initiated by the government for the old age pension, the applicant has to complete the eligibility criteria as laid by the government.  The eligibility requirement is as follows:

  1. The applicant under the scheme as per the Maharashtra state must be a person who has completed 65 years of age or more.
  2. The person so applying for the scheme should be somebody that is in need of financial assistance. That is he or she should be destitute.
  3. The applicant under the scheme must fall below the poverty line. The person registered under the BPL as prescribed by the state can avail the pension.
  4. Final requirement under the scheme is that the applicant must be a resident of the state of Maharashtra. The residence period must be for 15 years. The person applying for the pension should not be receiving the said amount from any other state in India under the same scheme.

How to check the status?

The person applying for the old age pension under Indra Gandhi old age pension scheme can check the status of the application by personally visiting the collector or Tashildar office in the area.

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