Old Age Pension Rajasthan: How to apply, Eligibility and, Status

The senior citizens living in the state of Rajasthan would be relieved and happy to receive a pension from the Government. The state government has launched an old age pension scheme in collaboration with central to help senior citizens financially. The government of India has been working hard to establish a welfare state, where all its citizens are given equal opportunities and support to lead an independent life.

Old age pension scheme aims at fulfilling the needs of the old people by awarding them financial aid to take care of their life.

What are the benefits or objectives of the old age pension scheme?

  • To release the senior citizens of being dependent on their family members for financial support.
  • To provide the elderly members of our society with an opportunity to live life easy and happy with the aid from the government.
  • To improve the status of the weaker sections of the society, which is the most affected part of society.

Old Age Pension

What is the eligibility requirement for applying for the scheme?

The scheme was launched with a view to helping needy and elder individuals of society. Hence age and economic status are two important criteria for receiving the pension under the scheme.

  • The person applying for the pension must be a resident of the state of Rajasthan or at least be living in the state of Rajasthan for the past 7 years from the date of application.
  • The person applying for the pension must have completed the age of 58 or 55 years, this fact should be supported by birth certificate.
  • The person applying for the pension should not receive a regular income or substantial income for relatives or another source
  • The person applying for the old age pension under the scheme should not receive a pension or financial aid from the central or any other state government of India
  • The last criteria for receiving a pension under the scheme is that the person or applicant must belong to the category of BPL (below poverty line) as prescribed by the government.

How to apply for the pension under the scheme?

The application form for old age pension in the state of Rajasthan can be submitted offline as well as online.

For online procedure

One can get the application form and details by visiting the official website of Rajasthan. The link to the web page is https://rajssp.raj.nic.in/HtmlPages/Schemes/FlowDiagram.aspx.

On visiting the official website search and click on an old age pension application form. Fill the required details and submit it along with supporting documents. The form can be downloaded to fill, the Aadhar number, phone number, and address must be entered correctly. You will receive a password post registration, which can be used for further login.

Offline procedure to apply for old age pension:

  • The application form for the old age pension is available in both Hindi as well as English. The application form can be downloaded online in PDF format. After successful download, print the form and fill in the correct details.
  • The filled application form must be submitted at the sub-divisional office or block development office of the respective locality for verification.
  • The application form must be submitted along with supporting documents like birth certificate, Aadhar photocopy, BPL card photocopy and passport size photographs of the applying candidate.
  • The application form is verified by the Tashildar and Sanction authority before releasing the pension amount. The applicant has to specify the mode of payment in the application form correctly to receive the pension amount every month.

What is the pension amount issued to the eligible candidates in Rajasthan?

The pension amount awarded to the elderly every month in the state of Rajasthan depends on the age of the candidates. For male and female between the ages of 58 to 75 years it is 750 rupees and for males and females above 75 years its 1000 rupees.

How to check the status of the pension application?

In the state of Rajasthan, the candidates can easily check their PPO status by clicking on the link https://rajssp.raj.nic.in/HtmlPages/Schemes/Reports.aspx. Press on the icon “pensioner’s online status”. By clicking on this link you will be taken to a new tab, where you need to enter application number and CAPTCHA to check the status.

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