OTG Oven vs Microwave Oven: What’s the difference?

OTG and a microwave oven are two great appliances for the kitchen. But both these appliances are very different from each other. Before, buying these appliances, it is important to know about the difference between these items.

What is an OTG oven?


An OTG oven, toaster and grill are smaller than a conventional oven. Setting up an OTG oven is very simple as it uses heated coils to cook the food. The thermostat technology in OTG oven helps to control the temperature to cook the food items with even heat. It allows you to use any utensils such as ceramic, aluminium, silicon and glass.

Benefits of using OTG

  • The oven, toaster and griller are a three in one appliance that fulfils multipurpose uses.
  • The OTG is highly portable as they are very light in weight. You can accommodate an OTG oven in the kitchen, backyard or any other place.
  • OTG is suitable for professional bakers and chefs. This appliance offers consistent and superior class result at every use.
  • It is healthy to cook food in an OTG as it converts electricity into natural heat.
  • The OTG oven is suitable for versatile cooking both the vegetarian and non-vegetarians can cook food items in this oven.

What is a microwave oven?


A microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves to cook the food. This oven uses approximately 300 MHz to 300GHz power for food preparation. Also, this appliance includes radio waves for heating the pan. The preheat time in the microwave oven is lesser. Also, the oven rotates the pan to distribute heat for even-cooking equally. When keeping the food item in the microwave oven, the electromagnetic waves rush over the interior, and the food absorbs this heat. In this oven you can use metal vessels for cooking, boiling and heating the food.

Benefits of microwave oven

  • The microwave method of cooking reduces risks and potential accidents. Unlike other heating appliance, the exterior part of this appliance doesn’t heat up. Therefore, it saves the user from burns and injuries.
  • Cooking in a microwave oven is healthy as it avoids the formation of tar or char. The microwave oven avoids frying temperatures to prevent health risks.
  • The microwave oven rotates the pan and helps in even cooking. The appliance continuously rotates until the food item is completely cooked. Also, this helps to avoid overcooking or undercooking of the food.
  • Due to the quick food preparation time, this appliance helps to retain the essential nutrients and minerals in the food.

The important differences between OTG Oven and Microwave Oven

Many think that OTG’s and Microwaves are the same. But, these appliances are very different. They both have pros and cons. Also, based on the preference and convenience, one may choose an OTG or microwave oven. These are the common differences between an OTG and microwave oven, and they are as follows.

1. The usage

Knowing the use of both these ovens can help you decide which one to choose. The operation of OTG is limited as it can only be used for toasting, grilling and baking. But, it is a dedicated oven that is suitable for all baking purposes. On the other hand, if you want to prepare a variety of dishes, then a microwave oven is more useful. With an excellent quality microwave, you can try out food items such as cakes, muffins, pizza and much more. A microwave is a multipurpose appliance that helps you to try out different dishes very effortlessly.

2. The preheating and preparation time

The OTG and microwave greatly differ in terms of heating and preparation time. The OTG’s use normal or conventional heating methods to cook the food item. But, a microwave uses electromagnetic currents to cook the food. On the whole, the preheating and meal preparation time is faster in a microwave oven. The average preheating time of the OTG is 15 minutes. However, the preheating time of a modern or high-end microwave is just 5 to 6 minutes. For commercial purposes, faster preparation is necessary. So if you prefer high-speed cooking, then the microwave oven is the right choice.

3. The baking quality

If you want professional-level baking, then you would prefer the OTG oven. An OTG may have limited features, but it is perfect for all baking purposes. With the right recipes, you can create and try out new dishes with an OTG. The microwave oven is also a flexible appliance to do any dishes. But the versatility of this appliance is not similar to the OTG. In this situation, the microwave oven is suitable to bake different dishes at home.

4. The controls and functions

Microwave ovens come with user-friendly controls that offer ease of use. The modern microwaves have LED digital controls that are easy to identify and operate. Also, there are many options available in the control panel. If you want to try out different recipes, then there are different controls for each cooking process. Further, the microwaves have several preset setting that automatically changes the temperature according to the dish. But, the OTG oven comes with many manual controls and functions. The controls in the OTG are confusing and challenging.

5. The Capacity

The capacity of the OTG’s is higher than the microwave oven. An OTG’s capacity is 60 litres. It is convenient to cook a larger amount of food in an OTG oven. On the other hand, the microwave oven is compact, and its capacity is 32 litres. You cannot fit larger dishes in a micro-oven, but an OTG oven can accommodate large pans.

6. The cost

The OTG oven costs are lesser than a microwave oven. Both these ovens have affordable as well as pricey models. A microwave oven uses less than 20% energy than an OTG. However, when considering the energy efficiency feature the microwave oven is more economical.


OTG’s or Microwaves many have the confusion to decide between these two appliances. However, based on the above benefits and differences, you can easily choose anyone according to your requirement.

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