PAC Full Form in Medical

What is the full form of PAC in Medical?

The full form of PAC is Premature Atrial Contractions. They are in the upper part of the heart and can give you a feeling of skipped or extra heartbeats. If you see early or premature heart contractions, it means that there is not much blood in the heart at that time. A strong heart rate or palpitation may follow the extra heartbeat, causing it to feel stopped or skipped. Contact your healthcare provider if your premature atrial contractions become more frequent.

One can feel premature atrial complexes or contractions at any time at any age. But, they are more likely to arise in people who are tall, older adults, do not exercise, suffer from heart disease, have high blood pressure, increased HDL cholesterol, do not take proper rest or sleep, etc.

What else should you know about PAC?

The signs and symptoms of PAC are heartbeats that skip, having a lot of pressure then and now, palpitations, and shortness of breath. With adequate medications and care, it is easy to treat PAC.

The other full forms of PAC are

  • Preoperative Aspiration Culture
  • Patient Access Center
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