Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu – View Patta Chitta Online Land Record Status

Tamil Nadu is a state located in the southern part of India and the state has also experienced high growth. Chennai is the capital of the state and it has been the epic centre of growth when we talk about service sector and education sector. These factors make Tamil Nadu as an attractive option for investment in property. The government has been trying to promote transparency in the real estate market and in an attempt to do so, the government launched the Land Record Portal so that the prospective buyers can purchase the property with reduced risk of fraud. These land record portals can let the user check the land records via Online medium.

If you are also planning to invest in Tamil Nadu then one advice that we would like to give you is that you must check the details of the land record before moving ahead. Here, in this article, we have listed all those details for you.

Advantages of Checking Land Records

The major advantage of this facility is that people do not have to visit the government offices to check the land records. They do not even need to check the details with Tehsildar. They can simply login to their computer and get the details. Since this has promoted transparency, many people have started gaining interest in real estate investment and in return, the sector has also experienced high growth. The maximum advantage of this facility is to the buyer who can now verify the details before getting into a deal

Steps to Check Land Records in Tamil Nadu

You can follow the steps listed below to check all the details.

  • To check the details of the land records, you need to start by navigating to the Anytime/Anywhere e-Services Portal which was launched by Tamil Nadu Government. The direct link to the portal is You can check the Tamil or English version of the website.
  • Now, on this website, select one of the options which is relevant to you. This will take you to a new
  • On the new page, you will have to enter the details about the property that you are interested in. Enter the details like district, Tehsil, Village, Survey number and all those details. You will also have to choose the area that the property is located in. the options for that are Urban and Rural.

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta

  • After entering the details, click on the submit Remember to select the View Type before clicking on submit button. You have options for Patta/Chitta or FMB.
  • The details of the property will then be displayed and they are also a print-friendly You get a QR code as well on the report so that the next time you need the details, you can get them with the help of a simple scan. This helps you in getting rid of the trouble of searching all the details all over again.

What are Other Services Offered?

This website for Tamil Nadu land records is one of the very basic version. You do not get much of services here and for availing other services, you still need to visit the government office. Also, the main service offered by this website is the option to check the Patta Copy and to check the application status as well. Apart from that, there are links to the government of Tamil Nadu Website where other additional information is available.

Bottom Line

This was all the information about Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Online Land Records and this way, you can check the details of the property that you are interested in. If you come across a property where the details are not matching then you can pull out of the deal. You can also seek justification from the government department and there are two ways to get the details. The first way is to email them at and the second option to contact the department is by visiting them.

The records are regularly updated so the chances of the discrepancy are very much less. Just remember to do your homework before you give the token money for the purchase of property in Tamil Nadu or anywhere else in the country.