RAC Full Form In Police

RAC Full Form in Police is Rajasthan Armed Constabulary. One of the divisions of the Rajasthan Police is the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC). It is a state-sponsored paramilitary organization with active-duty battalions in the states of Rajasthan and Delhi.

Men, some of whom were former members of the state’s armed forces, served in the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary. There were six companies in each battalion, with one always stationed at battalion headquarters.

Sriganganagar, Barmer, Raisinghnagar, & Jaisalmer are among border towns that received reinforcements from these battalions. In order to prevent acts of dacoity, one unit was posted at Jaipur’s Ghat Gate. The RAC’s usefulness on the border as well as within the State was quickly demonstrated within the first year of its establishment.

Up until 1958, the RAC was considered a transitory force only. More RAC battalions were formed from that year and continuing into the late 1970s.

RAC for Rajasthan police

Unrest occurred in Jammu & Kashmir, the Northeast Frontier Agency (NEFA), and Mizoram, while India fought two wars against Pakistan as well as one with China. RAC battalions were sent to these high-risk areas, where they were met with praise for their bravery and effectiveness.

Each unit contributed two companies to the 6th battalion in 1962. In the years that followed, further battalions were formed. The Border Security Force and the Centre RPF absorbed seven of the RAC battalions, while the Centre Reserve Police Force absorbed two. In the 52 years that the RAC has been around, many great deeds have been performed by brave individuals.

In 1952, the government of Rajasthan planned to create a special police force that would aid the regular police in their fight against the widespread problem of dacoity and would also be capable of being deployed along the state’s borders. As a result, the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary was formed.

In 1952, Bharatpur became home to the RAC’s first permanent headquarters and training center, where five separate battalions received their initial instruction.