Ration Card Punjab – How to Apply, form, Check the Online Status

Ration card is a legal document enabling the holder to obtain food and grains at a subsidy rate. The benefits of the ration card are given to eligible candidates living below the poverty line. The state of Punjab has started a new scheme wherein they have issued smart ration cards to the eligible candidates. The holder of this card has to follow the procedure laid down by the government to apply.

The ration card is given to the families only after conducting a thorough verification by the concerned authorities.

The objective of the scheme

The main purpose of this scheme is to enable a weaker section of society, especially families to obtain staple food like wheat and dhal. In fact, the government has undertaken extra step to implement the scheme by appointing agents to deliver the goods. The government has taken a new step of replacing the blue ration card with smart cards.

As per this card, the eligible candidates are given staple goods at subsidy cost. The eligible candidates are given 2.5 kgs of pulses and wheat at a nominal price of 2 rupees. This initiative is taken by the state in accordance with the National food security Act, 2013.

The scheme as enforced by the state of Punjab allows for the provisions that include the addition, deletion and transfer of member’s names in the ration card. The holder of a ration is entitled to various benefits as laid by the scheme under each state.

ration card

How to apply for smart ration card?

The application form can be collected offline or applied online. The  link http://punjab.gov.in/issuance-of-ration-card.

  1. The person willing to obtain the ration card needs to get an application form either from the taluk office or form food officer’s office.
  2. The form once collected needs to be filled duly with all correct information like names of the family members, date of birth, gender, address and etc.
  3. The person applying for the ration card with includes a photo of himself along with the filled application form.
  4. The form must be submitted by attaching all necessary documents that support their claim. This form has to be submitted at the closest Zilla Parishad or gram panchayat office. The form can also be submitted to the nearest block office for verification.
  5. Once the form is submitted at either of the offices, an acknowledgement must be collected that includes a reference number. The ration card is issued to a family only after the verification is done by the appropriate authority.

Who are eligible to apply for the ration card?

The state has laid down strict eligibility criteria that the person applying for the ration card has to fulfill. The person applying for the ration card must be an adult to be eligible for completing the criteria as enforced by the state of Punjab.

  1. The person applying for the ration card must be a resident of the state of Punjab
  2. The person or family applying for the card in order to obtain the goods at subsidy must be fall under the low income
  3. The candidate must belong to the BPL category or in other words, must belong to below poverty line

The person applying for the ration card must submit the form along with supporting documents such as Aadhar card, BPL card, Residence certificate and caste certificate or Antyodaya food pass if applicable.

How to check the status of the application online?

As per the official government website, the status of a ration card cannot be checked online as of now. The service is yet to be made available to the persons that have applied for the card.

For now the person applying for a ration card has to check the status offline by visiting the office where the application form was submitted.

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