Ration Card Tamil Nadu – How To Apply, Form, Check Online Status

Ratio Card is one type of official document issued by the state to its members. Ratio Card acts as a proof for one’s nationality and identity. The most important purpose of issuing ratio cards is to determine the nature of a person’s economic status. Ration card is one such government document which is not mandatory to possess. However, those holding a ratio card are eligible to avail certain government assistance and commodity benefits.

Ration cards are issued by a state based on the category under which an individual falls. The schemes or categories for issuing ratio cards are determined by the state based on a person’s yearly income.

Types of ration cards in the state of Tamil Nadu

A ratio card is issued by the state based on the economic status of a family. Currently there are four different categories, which are as follows:

  • Light green card: This type includes AAY holders and the commodity such as rice is issued from Fair price shops
  • White card: the holder of this card is eligible for 3kgs of sugar additionally.
  • No commodity card: this type of ratio card does provide any commodity benefits.
  • Khaki Card: a special category for personals working in the police department.

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Ration card application procedure in the state of Tamil Nadu

Today Tamil Nadu state is offering smart ration card, a replacement to the traditional cards that are more efficient. Advancement in the field of technology is the main reason behind the birth of smart ration cards. The steps that need to be followed for applying for a ration card in the state of Tamil Nadu is simple and straightforward.

  • Visit the official website of TPD system, the link: https://www.tnpds.gov.in/ on any browser of your choice
  • from the landing page of the official website click on smart card application tab on the right corner of the web page.
  • Once you click on the tab, an additional window opens with the application form. This is available in both English and Tamil languages. The individual applying for the ratio card has to fill the application form duly by entering all the details correctly.
  • Check the entered details in the form before uploading a photo and supporting documents. Before applying for a ratio card ensure you have a scanned copy of the photo of the family head along with residence proof.
  • Upload the said documents and click on submit button.
  • Once the application is submitted a reference number will be generated. This number can be used by the applicant to check the status of the ratio card.

The application for ration card can also be personally submitted to the Zonal assistant commissioner office. Visit on the link http://www.consumer.tn.gov.in/telephone-numbers.pdf to know the details on the appropriate AC office as per your current address.

Eligibility for applying for a ration card in Tamil Nadu

Ratio cards are usually issued to the family as a whole, for applying the members need to fulfill below-mentioned criteria

  • The family applying for the ratio cards must be to be citizens of India
  • The applicant and his family members must be the residence of the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • The applicant along with his family must not own a family card issued by any other state in India. Further, they must not be part of any other family in the state of Tamil Nadu
  • The family applying for the card must include only those members who are closely related to each other. They must live and cook separately.

What kind of documents can be submitted along with the ratio card?

  • Proof of residences such as property tax receipt, Aadhar Card, election ID card, electricity bill and etc.
  • In case candidates had owned a family card issued by the different state government, then a surrender certificate.
  • In case you are applying for the second time included the details of rejected like registration number.
  • LPG or gas connection documents that include the name and address of the consumer along with information about annual income.
  • Postal cover or postcard, which includes the address of the candidate. This helps the government in future communication.

The government of Tamil Nadu charges a fee of rupees 5 for issuing a ratio card. This fee has to be paid along with the application form. Once the application is submitted the ratio card will be issued based on the report submitted by the field officer on his inspection or inquiry.

How to check application status?

The best way to check the status of the applied ration card is to visit the official website. The person who had applied for a ratio card gets a reference or application number.

This number is mandatory for checking the status. The person can visit the website, click on the smart card application tab and then enter the registration number to know the status.

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