Ration Card Uttar Pradesh – How To Apply, Form, Check Online Status

The public distribution system is predominantly referred to as a ration shop. PDS is one of the largest distribution networks in India. The objective for establishing such a distribution system is to serve the poor people by giving them food grains and fuel at subsidized rates. The ration shops act as fair price shops to distribute food and other items at a subsidized price and there are over 4 lakh ration shops across our country. The PDS is also known as TPDS  which means Targeted Public Distribution System.

 How important is a ration card?

 Having a ration card can be highly beneficial for it serves as a

 Identity proof

 The ration card usually consists of the list of all the members of the family. It is a valid identity proof for all the members who have been listed in the ration card.  It can be used to avail government services that are granted from time to time for the residents of the state. Since the ration card has the details of the family members, income level as well as the number of children along with their gender and photograph of the family head, it is considered to be a valid identity proof.

Address proof

Whenever you are asked to provide address proof to ensure that you reside in a particular area, the ration card can be produced as a valid address proof too. it can be used to secure bank loans as well.

 Types of ration cards

 There are actually three types of ration cards. The UP government issues ration cards depending on the economic conditions /status of the person/head of the family who applies for the card. The types include

 BPL(Below the Poverty Line) cards – This is meant for residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh who are considered to be below the poverty line. Their annual income is less than Rs.10,000.

APL(Above Poverty Line cards) – these are the cards that are issued to applicants who have an income over Rs.10,000. They are considered to be above the poverty line. However, they have to be the residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

AAY Cards – These cards are issued to residents of UP who do not have a stable income source. In other words, these cards are meant for the poor residents of the state.

How to apply for a ration card?

ration card

 In order to apply for a ration card in UP, you have got to follow the following steps.

  • Application form – The applicant for a new ration card in Uttar Pradesh has to remit a government fee of Rs.10 to get the application
  • Fill up the form – The next step involves filling up the application form with all relevant details which include name and address of the applicant, number of members in the family and their details, income details, LPG details, and bank account details.
  • Submission of the application – After filling up the form, it is submitted along with all relevant documents in the tehsil office. It should be submitted in the food and logistics department in the office.
  • Acknowledgement slip– once the application is submitted along with the documents, the concerned authority in the food and logistics department would issue an acknowledgement. This is to confirm that the officer has received the application and the documents and it can be used for future reference too.

Documents that are to be attached to the application form

The documents you have to attach to the application form includes

 ID proof – This includes any one of the documents that have a photo of the applicant in it like the voter’s ID, PAN Card, Passport, Bank passbook along with the photographs of family members.

Address proof – This refers to aadhar card, telephone or electricity bills, house agreement or LPG connection details.

Age proof – Birth certificate or school leaving certificate

Checking the status of the application online

 you can use the reference number you find on the acknowledgment receipt to check the status of your application from time to time online. the steps include

  • Visiting the official website of the FCS/Food and civil supplies department-https://fcs.up.gov.in.
  • On the homepage, click on “search list of NFSA”
  • On the new page, fill in the relevant details such as District name, Town name, Area name, head name, card type, etc.
  • You would then be able to see if you are name is there in the eligibility list put forth by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

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