Ration Card Uttarakhand – How To Apply, Form, Check Online  Status

 Ration card refers to the card issued by the state government to the residents of the state in order to provide them with food and fuel at subsidized prices.  the issuance of ration card is undertaken by the block development officers in the rural areas of Uttarakhand and by the inspector of food and civil supply department in the case of urban areas. A person above 18 years of age, who is a resident of Uttarakhand can also apply for the ration card.

Types of ration cards in Uttarakhand

 There are five types of ration cards that are issued by the government of Uttarakhand. They include

  • Annapoorna card: this type of card is meant for senior citizens. It is for people over 65 years of age who are not residing with their children, who are not working and who are not receiving a pension as well. it is a green colored card.
  • AAY (Anthodaya, Anna Yojana) – this is a card issued by the Uttarakhand government to the poorest of the poor. They would be provided with a pink colored card.
  • BPL card –  this card is issued to people who live below the poverty line. The card is white in color.
  • State Food Yojana card – This is a white colored ration card that is meant for families with annual incomes below Rs.15,000
  • APL Card – These cards are issued to people who are above the poverty line. This means that the annual income is above Rs.15,000. This is a Yellow colored card.

However, the validity period for the ration cards in Uttarakhand is 5 years. after that period  it has to be renewed by filing an application

ration card

Applying for Ration Card in Uttarakhand

 To get a ration card a nominal amount of RS.5 has to be paid as a fee in Uttarakhand.

Applying for ration card in Rural areas of Uttarakhand

  The procedure for getting ration card in rural areas in Uttarakhand includes

  • Visiting the BDO or the Block Development Officer  the area of residence
  • Submitting the application for ration card along with the documents that are required for issuance of the ration card to the Gram Panchayat officer or at BDO office.
  • The GPO would issue an acknowledgment receipt for having received the application and the documents. The GPO would then check and forward the application to the SI.
  • Home verification would be done by the SI
  • When the verification is completed successfully, the SI would sanction the issue of the card
  • GPO then would make a new ration card complete with your family uni, pastes a photograph of the head of the family and makes the entries regarding the ration card in the master register that is maintained by him.
  • You may present the acknowledgment receipt and collect the card from the GPO.

Applying for ration card in urban areas in Uttarakhand

  • Submit an application with the relevant details which include name and address, bank account details, income details, details of family members, LPG connection details, etc.
  • Submit the filled in application along with the documents that required at DSO /District Supply Office.
  • The clerk at DSO would verify the application and documents and issue an acknowledgment for the same.
  • This would then be forwarded by the clerk for SI verification
  • The SI would verify the documents as well as visit home for verification as well.
  • On successful verification, the issuance of ration card would be approved by the SI.
  • The clerk at the DSO office then makes the new ration card with the photo of the head of the family pasted on it and the details of family units entered into it. the entries are made in the master register at the office as well.
  • You can get the card by producing the acknowledgment receipt.

Checking the status of the ration card application online

You have got to log on to PDS portal of India. Visit the official website – fcs.uk.gov.in. You have got to select the name of the state and fill up all the information requested there such as the town, district, income, and the acknowledgment receipt number, etc. This will help you check the status of your ration card application.