Why Is My Realme C21Y Not Charging How To Fix It?

There is a possibility that your newly bought Realme C21Y handset will experience battery charging troubles within a few weeks or months after purchasing it. If that’s the case, learn how to repair Realme C21Y Won’t Charge or Charges Slowly by following the steps below.

Sometimes your gadget will stop charging for no apparent reason, and you will be forced to search for a troubleshooting solution to figure out what you should do next. As a result, it’s always a good idea to double-check a couple of likely causes and try some of the solutions before heading to the closest service center or mobile repair shop for assistance.

 Perhaps your gadget has been switched off, or it has run out of battery power, or there may even be a system problem, among other possibilities.

Fixing charging issues of Realme C21Y

Realme C21Y

You should be able to resolve the battery charging issue thanks to a handful of remedies we’ve provided further down this page. Alternatively, if the problem is with the device battery’s hardware, you’ll need to take it to a repair professional or the local service center for assistance. So, without further ado, let’s get this started.

Restarting the Device

If your device isn’t charging or if you’re experiencing a sluggish charging problem, reboot your phone to clear any glitches from the system or to ensure that the device is charging properly.

Despite the fact that some customers may not find this step to be particularly beneficial, we will urge that you complete it. So all you have to do is press and press the Power button for a few seconds before selecting Restart.

Safe Mode should be enabled on your device.

If your device’s charging problem persists, be sure to reboot your device into Safe Mode before continuing. The key system applications and functions will be allowed to run, but every other program or service will be disabled on your device, allowing you to figure out what’s causing the problem.

  • To do so, press the power button for a few seconds, then hit and click the Restart option for a few seconds, which will question you whether you want to boot into Safe Mode or not.
  • After you confirm the action, your phone will begin to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Once you’ve identified the source of the problem, then you can restart your phone, as usual, to boot into the operating system again.

Keep in mind that this Safe Mode option is not available on all Android smartphones. As a result, you’ll have to examine for the modification in each case.

Check your Charging Port

It is possible that the charger port on your handset has been physically damaged, or that dirt, dust, or moisture has accumulated and caused the problem. Consequently, it’s always a good suggestion to just check for the charger manually rather than using an automated system.

If there is visible dust or moisture inside the port, gently clean the accessible area with an earbud to remove it. You could use some rubbing alcohol or glass cleaning cloths to gently remove any debris or moisture from the surface.

Using a different charging outlet or adapter can be a good idea.

It’s also conceivable that your charging adaptor or the power outlet isn’t working properly at some point as well. Make sure to consider a different charging outlet first, and if the phone battery still won’t charge or is charging slowly, you should try a different charger to see if it helps.

You could also check the USB cord to see if all the sides of the port are operating properly or if they are not. It’s a good idea to test a different USB cable as well.


If all else fails to resolve the particular problem, we recommend that you visit your local service center with your device’s warranty documentation to ensure that your device is still covered under warranty. Even if your phone has a void warranty status or if the warranty has expired, you can still visit a service facility for more assistance or to begin the repairing procedure on your device.

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