Sikkim is situated on the Eastern Himalayan range, with a total area of 7,096 square kilometres and a height ranging from 300 metres to 8,586 metres above sea level. From extremely cold deserts to blooming alpine meadow to lush green woodland areas and lovely mountain lakes, this utopia is a kaleidoscope of natural splendor. The beautiful Mt. Khangchendzonga (8,586m), is the world’s third tallest mountain and the jewel in the crown of this wonderland, is without a doubt its crowning glory.

Because of the significant elevation change over such a short space, the area can support a diverse and abundant natural heritage & wealth. All of the elements that contribute to shaping Sikkim as a magical and mystical wonderland include snow-capped mountains, lush dense forests, plunging hillside valleys flush with a variety of flora & fauna, picture-perfect villages with rhododendron groves, hot springs, waterfalls, perennial streams, and the majestic Teesta and Rangit rivers.

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