SPO Full Form in Medical, What Does SPO Stand For?

What Is The Full Form Of SPO In Medical?

SPO full form in medical term is Oxygen Saturation. It is used to determine how much oxygen the blood moves compared to its total capacity. Simply put, this gives an idea of ​​how much oxygen the blood can hold compared to how much oxygen it can hold in hemoglobin. In short, the fraction of oxygen-saturated hemoglobin relative to the total hemoglobin in the blood is called SPO.

The person’s body regulates typically and requires a specific balance of oxygen in the blood. In humans, normal arterial SPO levels range from 97 to 100%. Hypoxemia occurs when the blood oxygen saturation level is less than 91%. If the level is below 80%, the arterial blood oxygen level is compromised by organ functions such as the heart and brain. People reach the cardiac rest stage when their body experiences persistently low oxygen levels. In such a case, oxygen therapy is used to help increase blood oxygen levels.

What Else Should You Know About SPO?

The normal SPO2 range of 95-100% does not apply to people who have chronic lung problems or other breathing problems. In this case, one should always consult their healthcare provider for an acceptable oxygen level.