SSP Scholarship Karnataka 2023-24: Application Form, Last Date, Eligibility, Documents

Karnataka is known to have a better educational infrastructure for the students regardless of the course students want to take admission in. However, living in an educational hub doesn’t imply that you can easily get the best of education for yourself. Even though the education standards are higher in Karnataka, money and financial condition of the student still plays a dominant role to craft a student’s future. However, if you are living in Karnataka, there are a few ways which can help you to get a good education from a reputed school without worrying about the fees and other expenses that you may get while pursuing the course. Talking specifically about Karnataka, the SSP Scholarship program is a perfect way to achieve the educational excellence for the students who belong to the lower-middle-class family who can’t afford the higher education of their kids from a reputed and expensive school.

So, if you were also looking for a scholarship that can help you study in a good school of Karnataka, then read further to know more about the SSP Scholarship Karnataka 2019-20 and secure the admission in your dream university of Karnataka.

SSP Scholarship Karnataka: Eligibility criteria

The first thing that you should know about the scholarship before planning to enroll for it is whether you are eligible for it, or not. So, here are the eligibility criteria for the SSP Scholarship that you must fulfill in order to get enrolled for it. Go through them carefully, and if you are eligible to avail the benefits, enroll yourself for the scholarship as early as possible to get a fair chance to get the financial help.

1. Only those students who have applied under the NSP Government of India can apply for the SSP Scholarship.
2. Annual Income of the family should not exceed 1,00,000 INR.
3. The student must have scored at least 50% marks in their previous final exam to be eligible for the SSP scholarship.

If you fulfill all these prerequisites for applying for the SSP scholarship, you can easily get yourself enrolled by applying online for the scholarship.

Required documents

Like any other state scholarship, the SSP scholarship also requires some important documents handy while applying for the scholarship. Here is the list of documents that you will need while applying for the scholarship.

1. Student’s SATS ID
2. Aadhar number or EID Number of student and parent
3. Mobile number
4. Caste and Income proof/certificate

By having these documents handy, you can apply for the scholarship right through. So make sure that you have them, and if you don’t, apply for them before enrolling yourself for the scholarship.

Applying for the scholarship through the official web portal

In order to apply for the SSP Scholarship, you can easily fill the application form and other details on the official website ( Here are the steps that you need to follow to apply for the scholarship.

Step 1: Open the said website and click on the “Create Account”

Step 2: Select the Pre or Post metric scholarship as per the need

Step 3: Enter the SATS ID and then click on “Get Data”. If you don’t have your SATS ID handy, you can get it at “”

Step 4: Click on Save and proceed to the next step

Step 5: Fill the form according to the said instructions.

Step 6: Complete the form and take a printout of the acknowledgment receipt and submit it to your school.


In all, if you were looking for the perfect scholarship for your school education from a reputed school, then look for the SSP Scholarship for the year 2019-20. You can easily enroll yourself for the scholarship through the website and get the benefits once your scholarship is approved. This is the best way to complete your basic education even if you belong to the lower-middle class family and can’t afford to pay high school fees.

GO through the more detailed information on the scholarship by referring to the official website and enroll yourself by providing the last year’s mark-sheet. So, be prepared for the scholarship for 2019-20 session and keep all your document ready to get eligible for the scholarship.