The Widow Pension Tamil Nadu was introduced by the Central Government of India, which is available to all states. Every woman who does not have someone to look after her is eligible for cash assistance under this scheme. It is a significant step forward in the country’s efforts to empower every woman.

The Widow Pension Tamil Nadu, implemented by various state governments across the country, provides financial help to poor, needy, and financially deprived widows in their respective states, enabling them to live better lives. The amount of financial assistance provided by state governments to widows, as well as the way to apply for benefits under the widow Pension Yojana, differs from one state to the next.

It is a government program that helps poor widows improve their level of living by providing them with financial assistance. Widowed women are eligible to earn a monthly pension under this scheme. Children or even other family members of widowed women, on the other hand, are ineligible for the financial assistance granted under this scheme following the widow’s death.

Apply Widow Pension Tamil Nadu

Documents Required

  • Passbook copy of bank account
  • Filled application online
  • Passport size photograph
  • Applicant aadhar card
  • Husband’s death certificate
  • Widow’s address proof

Eligibility criteria

  • There is no maximum age limit for receiving the widow pension; however, the minimum age must be greater than 21 years of age.
  • The Widower should have no alternative income source in any way, and the grant is only available to widows who are living below the poverty level.
  • The applicants must not be skilled beggars to be considered.
  • Even though there are legal heirs who are over the age of 18, a pension is provided.
  • It is not permissible to own property worth more than Rs.5,000/-.
  • Instead of obtaining reports by Village Administrative Officers & Revenue Inspectors regarding the pensions paid to widows, a copy of the resolution of the Village Panchayat/Town Panchayat can be presented.
  • A pension or government support will not be provided if the applicant or widower remarries.
  • The applicant must be a resident of the Indian state of Tamilnadu.

How can I apply for a widow pension in Tamil Nadu?

You can apply for a widow pension online at E- Sevai Counters at However, you must follow up with government authorities after you have submitted your application.

How much pension does a widow get in Tamil Nadu?

A widow in Tamil Nadu is paid Rs.1000 monthly in the form of widow pension by its government

How to check widow pension status in Tamil Nadu?

  • To check the status of your widow pension, follow the steps:
  • Visit
  • On its homepage, on its right side, you will find a login box
  • Enter your details which include: Prefix/PPONO, your password, and enter captcha code
  • Then click on Login
  • All the details related to the widow pension will be displayed in one click
  • In this way, you can anytime check your widow pension status