Tips To Take Care of Your Washing Machine

Presently, everyone is very much dependent on home appliances, and in that category, washing machine tops always. Generally, electric home appliances are designed in such a way that they work for a specific time limit only. Even though handling and maintaining them in a proper way might give a good lifetime to them. This also saves time and money. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your washing machine.

Be very specific about the weight

Every washing machine model is made with a unique specification. So, be very specific about the weight that has to be used in your washing machine as it has that much capacity to work on. There would be an overloaded indication; for sure, you have to follow that strictly. Overweight will make your machine’s rotating belt weaker and sometimes loose enough. Once the belt gets loose enough, it cannot be back to its normal. Some machines have an overload indicator, and some didn’t have. In case of there is no indicator, the machine is pushed to a repair condition. If over dumped, though the weight is under the specific limit, the dirt in the clothes will not get off as there is no space to wash, rinse and spin.

Cleaning the machine regularly

Now the latest washing machines have automated self-cleaning option systems. They have been programmed like that. Use turbo clean option regularly. It will clean the tub of your machine. It also cleans the washing liquid’s settlements in the inlet pipe and dirt settlements in the outlet pipe. If there is no such option in your machine, just try DIY. Use white vinegar mixed with soap oil or washing liquid. Just give an empty wash to your machine with this mixture… Your machine will get cleaned.

Keep a check on the pockets of your clothes before dumping

Yes, you have to check the pockets of your clothes before dumping them into the drum; because of the sharp things, if present in the pocket, sure will damage the drum. In a few machines, they are filtered and drained out through the outlet pipe, but in few, there is no such facility. If this is the case, small pins will easily enter into the delicate parts of the machine through the holes of the drum. They sometimes get deeper into the machine due to the vibration of the machine and make huge unrecoverable damage to the machine.

General tips

  • Remove the washed clothes immediately; so that you can make the machine free from the load
  • Don’t soak the clothes inside the machine for a long period; because the settlements of the soap water and the dirt will sit permanently inside there
  • After every wash, clean the drum with clean water once and also allow draining the water to avoid the waste settlements
  • Keep out of water spillage, other electric short-circuiting…
  • Don’t keep anything over the machine
  • In the doors of the front load washing machine, you should clean the rubber grooves regularly to avoid smell and infections

Take care of your machine, with these tips, which is playing a great role in our daily activity!