Who is the Brand Ambassador of an American Tourister?

The brand ambassador of American tourists has been Virat Kohli since 2016. Sportsperson Virat Kohli, the brand ambassador for luggage manufacturer American Tourister, has unveiled a new campaign encouraging travelers to let go of inhibitions and embrace their adventurous side. The latest TVC for the company features oceans, enormous mountains, and exotic cultures. The video opens with Kohli diving over bridges into frigid water, playing the Alpine Horn skillfully, and dressing in a traditional Scottish garment skirt.

American Tourister

About American Tourister

Samsonite owns the luggage brand American Tourister. American Luggage Works was established in 1933 by brothers Sol and Irving Koffler in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Currently, the Samsonite portfolio includes the American Tourister brand as a more reasonably priced option.

Virat Kohli, a cultural icon and international sports great, became American Tourister’s primary national brand ambassador in 2016. Virat has been a crucial component of the brand’s multi-platform marketing during this time.

Leading several of American Tourister’s biggest pan-Indian campaigns, he is responsible for numerous well-known messages like “#I’m Ready,” “#Swagpack,” and “#YourAccessToTheWorld.” These initiatives have produced excellent BTL results and comprehensive media coverage. Virat has also challenged his connections as a part of several highly visible initiatives and offered the company a lot of support on social media.


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