Who Is The Brand Ambassador Of Hero Motocorp?

In 2022, the South movie industry superstar Ram Charan was appointed The Brand Ambassador of Hero MotoCorp. The high-energy campaign for Glamour XTEC – Gazab Style, Gazab Technology showcases Ram Charan riding the stunning Glamour in Nexus Blue Colour. Portrayed as a stylish protagonist, the actor highlights the motorcycle’s unique features like connectivity, performance, style, and safety. Glamour XTEC represents the evolved preferences of today’s youth, combining heightened glamour and consistent performance.


Brand Ambassador Of Hero Motocorp

This new campaign connects with contemporary youth culture, referencing the trend of ‘swiping’ to decide preferences swiftly. It emphasizes how a glance determines their likes, underlining the importance of leaving a lasting first impression. The campaign positions Glamour XTEC as the market benchmark, emphasizing its modern features, premium appeal, and youthful essence, thereby leading the industry.

He expressed his excitement about becoming the brand ambassador for Hero Glamour XTEC. Ram Charan stated, “I am thrilled to be a part of the Hero MotoCorp Family, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters. I eagerly anticipate an exciting journey ahead with a touch of glamour.”


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