Who Is The Brand Ambassador Of Kerala?

Kerala’s cabinet, led by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, choose Steffi Graf as the ambassador for tourism and ayurveda. It’s a big step to make Kerala more known globally. The government wants to use famous people like Steffi Graf to tell the world about Kerala’s unique offerings, especially in tourism and ayurvedic wellness.


Steffi Graf As The Brand Ambassador For Tourism And Ayurveda Kerala

Despite the lack of explicit details about Graf’s remuneration package, the government’s initiative to engage renowned figures like her and their ongoing pursuit of other prominent celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan underscores the intention to elevate Kerala’s profile on a global scale. 

Steffi Graf’s expressed interest in supporting Kerala’s tourism and ayurvedic heritage on an international level indicates a positive inclination towards this partnership. Negotiations surrounding the financial aspects of the collaboration have been a focal point, emphasizing the importance of finalizing the budgetary elements to formalize the association between Graf and Kerala.

This collaboration aims to harness the influence and stature of figures like Graf to highlight Kerala’s unique offerings, attract global attention, and potentially increase tourism to the state, providing a significant boost to its economic and cultural landscapes.


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