Who Is The Brand Ambassador Of KTM?

KTM, a prominent motorcycle manufacturer, has established associations with several influential personalities and accomplished riders who have represented the brand and its ethos of high-performance biking, adventure, and racing.


Marc Coma: A celebrated figure in the world of rally raid and off-road motorcycle racing, Coma has a significant history with KTM. He’s a multiple-time Dakar Rally winner and has been closely affiliated with KTM as a rider for the factory team.

Chris Birch: Known for his exceptional off-road riding skills and adventurous spirit, Chris Birch has collaborated with KTM on various projects. His expertise in extreme enduro riding and off-road adventures resonates with KTM’s focus on off-road and adventure motorcycles.

Sebastian Keep: While primarily known for his expertise in BMX riding, Sebastian Keep has also been associated with KTM. His involvement showcases KTM’s diverse appeal across different genres of biking.

Laia Sanz: A highly accomplished female motorcycle racer with numerous victories in various disciplines like trials, enduro, and rally raids, Laia Sanz has had connections with KTM. Her achievements and expertise in off-road racing align with KTM’s focus on producing high-performance off-road motorcycles.

These individuals, among others, have represented KTM through their achievements, participation in races, promotional activities, and their embodiment of the adventurous and high-performance spirit that KTM motorcycles are known for.


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