Who is the Brand Ambassador of Lenskart?

Vikrant Massey has been named the face of Lenskart’s newest line, Matte Essentials. Before this, YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam was named Lenskart’s first-ever male brand ambassador for 2019.

Vikrant Massey and Lenskart have partnered on the newest Matte Essentials line under Lenskart AIR. Well-known for his ability to play various roles, Vikrant never ceases to amaze us with his acting abilities, and this collection is no exception!


About Lenskart

Based in Gurugram, Lenskart is a global Indian retail business of optical and prescription eyewear. Three-fourths of Lenskart’s more than 2,000 retail locations as of March 2023 are in India. Three lakh glasses are produced each month at its New Delhi manufacturing plant.

With its wide variety of eyeglasses, the company never fails to keep us captivated, and now it is making a major impact on the fashion scene. Through these partnerships, the brand hopes to establish itself as a fashion industry leader and promote its trend-specific product line. Through this relationship, the brand hopes to strengthen its position in the fashion industry and promote its line of trend-specific products.

About Vikrant Massey

With this collection, Massey, renowned for his versatility as an actor and his ability to play several roles, keeps up this trend. The company’s wide range of eyewear has allowed it to make notable progress in the fashion industry. With these collaborations, the firm hopes to promote its trend-specific items, quicken the pace, and solidify its place in the fashion market.

Massey’s genuineness and self-assurance are a wonderful fit with the brand’s essential principles. He is an ideal choice to be the face of Lenskart’s newest collection because of his natural charm and appeal to various demographics.


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