Who is The Brand Ambassador of MIVI?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Mivi, a domestic electronics firm, starting in 2022. Through an intriguing series of circumstances, Mivi could enlist the assistance of their user community, known as Mivians, to determine who would make the ideal Brand Ambassador. Samantha and Mivi get along well. Samantha is well-known for her grace and busy lifestyle—qualities that are also important to Mivi.

The community overwhelmingly chose Samantha to be the new face of the company. Over 10,000 people responded in favor of #SamanthaForMivi in the plethora of comments, tweets, and re-shares the campaign received on various social media networks. Mivi has appointed Samantha Ruth Prabhu as a brand spokesperson.


About Mivi

Mivi is an electronics brand based in Hyderabad that was founded in 2016. At affordable prices, the brand provides high-quality products such as wireless earbuds, Bluetooth earphones, chargers, headphones, speakers, cables, etc. Mivi’s introduction aimed to meet the Indian market’s desire for high-quality electronic devices at reasonable costs. Previously, the corporation designed and developed its products in India and sourced its manufacturing from other nations. The company has now established its facility in Hyderabad, India, and is rapidly expanding into the manufacturing sector.


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