Who is The Brand Ambassador of MRF Tyres?

The MRF brand ambassador is the legendary cricketer Virat Kohli. The cricket player extended his deal with the business for an additional eight years in 2017. The captain of Team India also utilizes an MRF Tyres-sponsored bat during his games.

Virat Kohli, a former captain of the Indian cricket team, is the brand ambassador for MRF Tyres. Since 2015, Kohli has been connected to MRF Tyres and featured in several of the company’s commercials and marketing campaigns. One of the top tyre producers in India, MRF Tyres is also well-known throughout the world market. Virat Kohli, a well-known and accomplished sportsman, serves as MRF Tyres’ brand ambassador, enabling them to market their products to a larger audience efficiently. Most people agree that Kohli is the best batsman of the current age and among the best in the sport’s history.


About MRF 

MRF has relied on traditional media advertising for more than 60 years to establish its brand salience and top-of-mind brand recall. However, the brand encountered a hurdle when consumers were unaware of any of the characteristics or benefits that the tire offered to the user, including the sub-brands in the portfolio and the MRF brand name. Making the brand relevant to younger consumers and educating them about the reasons to purchase (RTBs) was another area of concentration for MRF.

The biggest tire manufacturer in India is MRF, often known as MRF Tyres, a multinational corporation based in India. The company’s main office is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The company produces rubber goods such as paints, toys, treads, tires, tubes, and conveyor belts.


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