Who is The Brand Ambassador of Titan?

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt has been appointed as Titan Raga’s brand ambassador. The actor will appear in a multiplatform campaign for the brand called “Love Yourself Boldly.” Titan Raga hopes to attract more millennials with this partnership and anticipates the actor’s fame will boost sales nationwide.


About Titan

Titan Company Limited is an Indian enterprise primarily producing high-end fashion accessories, including watches, eyeglasses, and jewelry. The watch brand owned by Titan Company Ltd. is called Titan Raga, and it can be purchased via its e-commerce platforms, website, and exclusive brand stores.

Titan On Alia Bhatt as Brand Ambassador

Titan’s chief of marketing, Sirish Chandrashekar, expressed his happiness at having Alia Bhatt join the Titan Raga brand as an ambassador. Titan Raga is a sign of communication. Whether it’s through advertising or product design, the brand consistently communicates a clear viewpoint that appeals to modern young women. Given her bright and expressive nature, Alia is a perfect fit to enhance the brand’s story. As someone who defied many stereotypes in her life, Alia Bhatt is a perfect fit to strengthen the campaign’s message.

Alia Bhatt on Becoming the Titan Brand Ambassador

According to Alia Bhatt, she is ecstatic to be working with the renowned brand Titan Raga. Titan Raga has always done a fascinating job of expressing the viewpoint of women. The new campaign sows the seeds of a deeper connection through stunningly expressive and modern designs.


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