Why The British Left India?

British ruled India for a long time. The phase was a tough one in which people lost their lives and families. The oppressive torture of the Britishers on the Indians led to various issues. On the other hand, the freedom fighters who fought bravely to free India from the hands of the Britishers had to lose their lives in their hand. If we look on the pages of History, we will get to know about ample things that the Britishers had done with the Indians. After a prolonged fight, it was ultimately the time when the Britishers left India and led the country free.

Let us now find out the causes that led the Britishers to leave India and go back to their country.

  • The Indians became furious and they tried their level best to free India from the hands of the Britishers. It means that there was an immense local pressure that led the Britishers to free India. This is another reason for which the Britishers left India. The people became rebellious and they started to make movements which ultimately convinced the Britishers to free India and get back to their own country.
  • On the other hand, it was also found that the World War II also left the Britishers economically damaged. They had no other options but to free India as early as possible. In order to cut the costs, the Britishers decided to relinquish most of their colonies. They soon decided it and started to act accordingly.
  • The final thing happened after the formation of 1946 Royal Indian Navy Mutiny. It reflected the Britishers that they could not perform well with the local people. This is another important reason for which the Britishers quitted from India and made it free.
  • Apart from all this, Indian National Congress or INC was formed in 1885 it provided greater share and opportunities to the Indian students and also led to the creation of political dialogue between the Indians and the Britishers at the same time. This was also taken as one of major causes for which the British left India. The party divided everything.
  • On the other part, it was also felt that the Quit India Movement and several other movements also led the Britishers left India. They found and soon realized that there is no such option for them to stay and rule India anymore.

british in india

There are reports that clearly say that not Gandhi but Hitler was one of the major causes for the Britishers to leave India. World war II totally ruined the economy. There were no other options for the Britishers to stay in India and rule the country for a long time. It is also known that Hitler committed crime which was against the humanity. What Hitler did was dangerous. He destroyed the finance of both Britain and France during the World War II. This was a major set back for these two countries. They had no other options to maintain the military power or the forces. Britain was in the worst position. It had no other option but to make or start in a new way. Another major cause for which the Britishers left India was that the World War II has greatly hastened the Indian political power. It was noticed in almost all the cases.

Almost all the countries noticed significant loss by the end of the World War II. It was observed in almost all the cases and places. The Britishers slowly realized that they have to leave the country and move back to their own country. However, they also realized that the Indian’s have now turned out to be much violent and aggressive. They will no longer allow the Britishers to stay and rule India. This helped them to take the decision of freeing India and go back to their original place. Thus, these were the primary reasons for which Britishers left India.