The Best Air Bed For Patients In India

Patient stress can be reduced by using an air mattress, which increases blood circulation. An air mattress for patients helps them to feel more rested by changing the location of their pressure points.

For patients who have recently undergone surgery, the Air Bed is a pressure mattress method that provides comfort while they recuperate.

An increased risk of bedsores and pressure ulcers exists for patients who suffer from this condition. Pressure ulcers are less likely to form when you sleep on an air mattress.

Alternating pressure & low air loss therapy are used in medical air mattresses to improve circulation in patients and prevent skin sagging caused by reduced blood flow.

The best air bed for patients in India is available in the market. When compared to other retailers, the cost of an air bed for a patient is the lowest at the hospital store.

Whenever a member of your family or close friends is dealing with medical issues, you feel obligated to ensure their well-being. For patients with bedsores, the use of an air mattress comes into play here. It is recommended by medical experts for the best possible comfort level and a quick recovery.

Air Bed For Patients

List of Best Air Bed For Patients In India

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How to choose the best air bed for patients in India?

As mentioned above, an air bed, known as an air bed mattress uses air to inflate. An air pump with a hose attached to the side of the mattress escalates the bed. Being vary from regular mattresses or beds, you should consider numerous aspects while choosing for patients. These factors include accessories, types, features, materials, weight, size, length of inflation, built-in pump, warranty, and so on.

  1. Bed’s Size

An air bed is available in different sizes such as full, single, junior, queen, twin, and king. For kids, a junior-size air bed is a perfect choice. While a queen or whilst twin size bed is ideal for two or more people. People living in big families can go for the large size air bed. When unexpected guests decide to stay overnight, you can choose a big mattress.

  1. Inflation and Deflation

Go for an air bed that can be quickly inflated and deflated by a young person without any fuss. Make sure the bed you choose should not take more than five minutes for patients to get used to sleeping.

  1. Type

Apart from varying sizes, air beds also differ in the material used, size, form, shape and features. Therefore, if you are looking for patient air beds, consider several options.

  1. Elasticity

The elasticity in these beds means softness. The softer the air bed, the more likely are the health issues. These include back pain, dysfunction, and a problem with the mid-spine region.

  1. Air Pump

An air pump is an essential accessory that can help inflate the air bed when needed. The bed you choose should have an air pump. Depending on your preference, you can choose an automatic or manual pump, which either comes in a separate form or is built into the bed. With this accessory, it is easy to store the bed in any place.

  1. Storage Bag

The storage bag is a convenient accessory for easy handling and adjusting the bedding once it’s deflated. The bed that comes with the bag enables you to carry it in a packed form. It will also protect the quality and material of the bedding.

  1. Comfort level

More than material or cost, patient comfort is important because not all beds are designed equally. The level of comfort in the air bed is prominent through the ultra pillow top, cushion firm and overall firmness.

  1. Cost

Prepare your budget while looking forward to multiple air beds, as they are available at a different costs, based on material & size.