10 Most Beautiful Zee Telugu Serial Actress Names List

Telugu serials have experienced a rapid climb to popularity in the last 10 years. Especially the channels, such as Zee Telugu have a lot of contributions in this matter. They have come up with serials that have powerful characters and great storytelling. For the TV watchers, these serials hold great appeal. The beautiful actresses who have starred in these serials have made marks in the minds of the serial lovers with their fascinating performance and perfect charismatic presence. Here arethe best 10 of them that we are going to talk about.

Zee Telugu Serial Actresses Name

1. Gomathi Priya:

Gomathi Priya

Gomathi Priya’s beauty and eyes draw attention. She animates characters with beauty and skill. Gomathi Priya featured in Zee Telugu’s “Nirupam.” The wonderful characters played by Gomathi Priya captivate viewers and lead them to witness more of her works. Her ability to depict different emotions makes her stand out in Zee Telugu serials. Each performance leaves spectators impressed by Gomathi Priya’s expertise and charisma.

2. Sunandha Malasetti:

Sunandha Malasetti

Zee Telugu serials carry the beauty of Sunandha Malasetti and her talent. Her natural performance in showing many expressions is well commented on by viewers and press. Sunandha’s presence was in front of the camera and queer roles hit a chord. Obviously it’s a perfect effect. Zee tops the Sunandha Telugu “Muddha Mandaram” and “Ammayi Kaapuram.” In “Muddha Mandaram,” she was really able to impress the crowd who gets to watch the show. She really did great in her role as

3. Thanuja Gowda:

Thanuja Gowda’s beautiful smile and charming personality make her a Zee Telugu serial favorite. Her beauty and expertise amaze listeners. Thanuja uses essential characters to enhance her narrative, making her programs flourish. Thanuja Gowda was important to Zee Telugu’s blockbuster “Muddha Mandaram.” Her powerful, vulnerable, and resilient portrayal of a woman battling life’s challenges was captivating.

4. Yamini:

Yamini’s beauty and seduction have made her famous in Zee Telugu serials. Audiences love her ability to animate people. Beauty gives complexity and makes her parts memorable. In Telugu television, Yamini is most known for “Muthyala Muggu” and “Meenakshi.” She grabbed viewers in “Muthyala Muggu,” portraying a strong woman who overcomes hurdles. Her elegance impressed spectators. In “Meenakshi,” Yamini showed her acting versatility. Her ability to convey joy, sadness, and resolution made her one of the industry’s best performers.

5. Pavithra Jayaram:

Pavithra Jayaram

Pavithra Jayaram’s beauty and elegance enchant TV viewers. Her beauty and acting skills enchant audiences. Pavithura’s beauty and brilliance are known from Zee Telugu serials. Pavithra is well known for “Trinayani” on Telugu TV. In “Trinayani,” she showed her acting versatility. She was known for portraying characters with heart. Pavithura’s beauty and talent make her performances unique. Her depth and honesty in several parts make her one of the finest performers.

6. Aishwarya H:

Aishwarya H

Aishwarya H is famous in Zee Telugu serials for her beauty and ability. Her charm and talent have made her a rising star. In “Krishna Tulasi” and “Mukkupudaka,” Aishwarya portrays her roles with heart. Her performances enthrall and linger. Aishwarya’s ability to depict joy, anguish, and determination lends her roles depth and complexity, earning her plaudits.

7. Meghna Raami:

Meghna Raami

Grace and expression from Meghna Lokesh draw viewers into the narrative. Her attractiveness enhances and authenticates her roles on film. In Zee Telugu’s “Radhamma Kuthuru,” Meghna’s delicate portrayal of a complex character shines. Audiences like her capacity to express joy, sadness, and resolution. Beyond her film roles, Meghna Lokesh’s dedication and honesty make her one of the industry’s best performers.

8. Yashmi Gowda:

Yashmi Gowda’s infectious smile and natural beauty fascinate Zee Telugu viewers. Perceptions of her charm and ability last. In Zee Telugu’s “Naga Bhairavi,” Yashmi exhibits her versatility and devotion. Her ability to communicate joy, anguish, and determination gives her roles depth and complexity, earning her plaudits. Beyond her acting jobs, Yashmi Gowda’s dedication to her craft and brilliant performances solidify her status as an industry powerhouse.

9. Meghna Lokesh:

Meghna Lokesh

Meghna Raami is a timeless beauty with an easy charm, such are the things that keep her ever alive on Zee Telugu. In return, her relatability is respected in the industry for an emotional connection shared with her viewers. In “Kalyana Vaibhogam” by Zee Telugu, Meghna Raami brought in her versatility. Audiences are bound to get charmed Beyond her film roles, Meghna Raami stands as an actress of the cause, committed, and has generated performance to be recommended top in the industry. She has proven to have a mark on the industry because of having great skills when it comes to acting and charismatic presence.

10. Pooja Murthy:

Pooja Murthy

Pooja Murthy’s beauty and personality distinguish her from Zee Telugu actresses. Her beauty naturally attracts viewers into her characters’ lives. Pooja’s captivating performances showcase her acting beyond her attractiveness. In Zee Telugu’s “Gundamma Katha,” Pooja’s performance gives her character depth and reality. Her ability to communicate joy, sadness, and determination has won her fans. Pooja draws recognition for her Zee Telugu roles.


So there are the 10 best actresses in Zee Telugu that you should know about. They have made their marks in the TV serial industry with their presence in the best serials. Along with that they also have their online and social media presence. In the coming years more serials are scheduled to come with them starring in them, creating captivating effects for the Tv watchers.

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