5 Factors To Manage When Looking For The Best Personal Loan Interest Rates

Financial needs can be taxing if you are unprepared. Thankfully, your savings help you fall back safely. But they only meet emergencies to some level. If you fall short, you need assistance. The best way to achieve this is by applying for Personal Loans. It involves a simple application process and minimal formalities. Also, there is no need for security as they are Unsecured Loans.

But banks look for ways to protect their interests. Hence, they charge higher Personal Loan interest rates. Various parameters play a role to determine this. You need to understand them to boost your eligibility. It is best to plan your application proactively for making this happen. Also, make sure to research the Loan providers to understand their requirements. It differs based on their policies. But the standard aspects remain the same. Here are some prominent ones to manage:



The Loan amount you decide to borrow depends on your income. You can apply for a Loan amount that does not exceed around 30% of your earnings. Hence, it is an essential deciding factor, especially for interest rates. Include every income source while applying to get better offers. Besides your salary add your variable pay, rent, dividends, etc.

Credit score

Your credit scores show your track record as a borrower. It makes the lenders aware of your past credit behaviour. Thus, they consider it essential eligibility when applying for a Personal Loan. It is also the only source to check your creditworthiness as no collateral is involved. Hence, the banks finalise the interest rates based on your credit scores.

Loan terms

Lenders have accessible tools to boost your Loan application. One such tool is an equated monthly instalment or Personal Loan EMI calculator. You can use it to check the required Loan amount and the EMIs payable. You also get an idea of how the Loan tenure, principal, and interest rates get affected. These variables do affect each other.

Employment stability

The company you work for says a lot about your financial stability. Hence, the banks consider your organisation’s reputation. They typically prefer applicants from an established company. If you work in a small firm, lenders could charge you higher Personal Loan interest rates. Use the eligibility calculator to ascertain this.

Repayment capacity

Your financial standings and existing debts are generally considered for determining eligibility. Having more credit portrays your financial responsibility. This puts banks at a higher risk of delay with repayments. Hence, they charge you a higher interest rate. It is best to clear off your existing Loans to get the lowest interest rate for Personal Loan.

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