Ambarish and Sumalatha Age Difference

Ambarish, a Kannada actor and politician, proposed to Sumalatha on December 8, 1991. They had a grand wedding on the same day. They were the most admired couple in Sandalwood.

Unfortunately Ambarish died in the year 2018 due to cardiac arrest. Deceased Sandalwood actor Ambareesh’s big heart, unwavering conviction, and forceful oratory made him a popular figure. He never bowed to anyone or showed any sign of humility.

Many people appreciated this quality, both inside and outside the sector. But Sumalatha was the only one he begged for forgiveness from on multiple occasions.

Age Difference between Ambarish and Sumalatha?

Sumaltha was born in the year 1963 while Ambarish in 1952. The couple had a vast age difference of 11 years, where Ambarish was older than Sumalatha.

They made the perfect couple, Sumalatha and Ambarish. Many years passed supposedly before Sumalatha finally decided to make him life mate. She allegedly waited patiently for him to propose for years after making up her mind to marry him.

The Kannada Rebel Star, who had previously declared he would never marry, gave succumbed to her passionate appeals. It’s fascinating to see a couple whose lifestyles couldn’t be more different fall in love with one another.

Ambarish and Sumalatha
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More details about Sumalatha and Ambarish

In 1984’s Ahuthi, Rebel star Ambarish played opposite Kannada film rookie Sumalatha Naidu. Sumalatha made her film debut in the year1979 in a Telugu film. Even before she started working with Ahuthi, she was a well-known celebrity.

Ambarish claimed that his admiration for Sumalatha stemmed from the fact that she wasn’t a ordinary Tollywood starlet. In 1989, Rebel Star made it clear to the stunning actress that he wanted to marry her, and he proposed to Sumalatha in a most special way.

Finally, the couple acknowledged their feelings for one another, tied the knot in 1991, and have spent the last 27 years living happily ever after.

Sumalatha is a famous actress in Indian cinema. She made her cinematic debut in 1979, when she was only 15, and has since appeared in more than a hundred films. Two Kerala Film Critics Award & a Nandi Award as a Best Actress make Sumalatha one of the most popular actors of the 1980s in South Indian cinema.

She’s a politician and the current Lok Sabha representative for Karnataka’s Mandya district. The couple is having a son named Abhishek Gowda. He has worked in numerous movies like Bad Manners, which was a huge hit.

Ambarish was a famous politician from state of Karnataka; he is also famous as a well-known actor.

Sumalatha, who loved her husband more than life itself, was with him for 27 years before he passed away. She will never forget the time they spent together, and neither will anyone else.

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